Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Worcester, MA

The first stop on my whirlwind Northeast research trip was technically Boston (well, more technically it was a layover in Cincinnati...) but I was really only in Boston long enough to get off the plane, hop on the Silver Line shuttle to South Station, and wait around for my train to Worcester.

From what I saw, Boston is pretty and it's super easy to get from the airport to the Amtrak/Commuter Rail hub at South Station.

Oh, and the guy at the train station who helped me said "Woo-sta" just like I hoped he would!

I took the commuter rail from Boston to Worcester (about $10 and an hour) for my research stint at the American Antiquarian Society.

The AAS has a huge collection of manuscripts, books, papers, and a lot more in their research library. Founded in 1812, it is an amazing resource for scholars - and a beautiful place to visit!

The American Antiquarian Society

I stayed in the scholars housing, which is right next door. Amazing!

I did A LOT of work while I was there (yay dissertation! yay dissertation?) but I also had a chance to eat some great food and see some local sites.

My first night, a girl at the Society told me I should try New England Roast Beef, just down the street. I'm glad I did - it was amazing!

Just a simple order at the counter situation.

The "Large Beef" with American cheese, barbecue sauce on the side, and chips. 

Perfectly almost rare. The only way to eat a roast beef sandwich. 

The bloodiest. Yum.

Since I was in New England, and had never been before, I decided I had to eat some regional specialties. 

The top of everyone's list in Worcester was The Sole Proprietor.

Clam chowder (way better than in Memphis, bizarrely...), lobster roll sliders, and tiramisu. 

I also decided to check out the Worcester Art Museum, where I ran into one of my favorite guys, Marcus Aurelius!

I grabbed some food at the museum as well. Awesome grilled chicken sandwich with tomato and spinach artichoke dip.

The museum had a knights exhibit. Mostly medieval knights. But also this guy.

Michael Keaton's Batman suit.

When I left, it was POURING. 

So I bought a $30 umbrella at the gift shop. At least it's really pretty!

Actually this is kind of what the weather looked like in Paris when I was there...

I also saw some evil birds.

And a pretty park.

And I read a LOT when the archive was closed. I reread the Outlander series getting ready for the newest one, which just came out.

All in all, Worcester was alright. Some great food, a pretty town, but a lot of super sketchy parts, not very easy to get around without a car, and kind of weird weather. Amazing archive though, and I bet it's beautiful later in the summer!

Next stop New Haven!

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