Being an Historian

I'm an historian. 

More specifically, I'm a grad student. 

Getting a PhD.

I'm going to be Dr. Amber someday. 

Dramber, if you will. 

I love history.

And school. 


Even more specifically, I study sixteenth, seventeenth, and eighteenth century Europe. My dissertation, which uses the English monarchy as a case study, looks at the relationship between the changing visual representation of Henry VIII, James II, and George II of England, and their families, and the changing political and cultural landscape of early modern England, early modern Europe, and the larger early modern world.

I'm examining images commissioned by these monarchs in order to more clearly understand early modern understandings of legitimacy, celebrity, dynasty, and popular culture. 

I'm also a teacher, teaching intro and sophomore level history courses, which is absolutely, along with research, my passion.

Here are a couple of books that include my work:

The Performance of Celebrity: Creating, Maintaining and Controlling Fame
(Editor and Contributor)

Stardom: Discussions on Fame and Celebrity Culture

I love talking about my work so please ask me questions!

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