Monday, December 9, 2013

OOTD: Fall, Leggings as Pants, and LOTR

When I did my last Dishcrawl (Soul Food!) I needed something comfy to wear that was warm enough for the fall but cool enough that I would be fine on a bus and in restaurants. 

Enter the saga of leggings as pants. 

And Lord of the Rings. 

This post sums up my feelings on leggings as pants, which is basically that LEGGINGS are fine as pants, but tights are not, and if you are wearing leggings as pants, you need to cover up your bits. 

This is bad: 

*Olivia Wilde, no. Cover up your bits.

This is worse: 

*Because, well, these are tights. Not leggings. And they don't cover anything. Anyone who knows me knows that I think the term "modesty" is awful and contributes to slut shaming and rape culture, but good lord Paris. Not cute. 

This is fine, however: 

*Via Fish on Bikes, which is awesome.
**Also, the idea that some things are "right" and some are "wrong" when it comes to dressing yourself makes me crazy. I mostly think you should wear longer shirts with leggings because sometimes lady parts + leggings = not looking so good, but I don't think it's WRONG. Like when people think it's "wrong" to wear white after Labor Day - it's not "wrong" it's just a personal preference. Do what you want, but don't be all judgy on other people. 

Let's face it. We all have days when the very thought of putting on "real" pants is intolerable. And there's nothing wrong with that. I think it's good etiquette to dress well, it makes you feel better, and it's just polite for other people, but if you can do that and be comfy, even better. 

So, since all my bits were covered and I wasn't wearing tights, I decided this outfit was safe: 

*Not the best picture, but I was in a hurry. 
Tank: Maurices/Top: Old Navy/Leggings: Old Navy (the best ones I've ever owned)/Boots: Lane Bryant (bizarrely...)/Scarf: Etsy

So everything else is pretty standard, but let's talk about this scarf for a second. 

My mom got it for me for my birthday last year, and I love it. 

Because it's a map of Middle Earth infinity scarf. 

*It tends to get a little more twisted than in this picture, but not too bad. 

The actual scarf isn't available anymore, but it came from Nerd Alert on Etsy.

If I wear this outfit again, I'll probably wear a darker denim shirt (laundry day...) because this one is a little light for me. I wore it with a leather bomber jacket and got a ton of compliments, both at Dischcrawl and at the bar afterwards.

Anyone else have thoughts on leggings as pants? 

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