Monday, December 16, 2013

My Holiday Wish List

So the holidays, for me, are complicated.

I have a lot of extended family, some by blood, some not, and a lot of obligations.

And, like this article discuss, Christmas is really a secular, cultural "hooray lights and love and family" thing for me.

But I love the season.

The lights. And the weather. And the food. And just the general feeling of "we should be nice to people" that we SHOULD have all year, but hey, I'll take what I can get.

I also love giving, and of course getting, gifts.

No one hates getting presents.

I really love giving gifts - I make a lot of my gifts, and I pride myself on putting a lot of thought into the presents I buy for people.

But every year, people ask me what I want, a question that has gotten more complicated since I've gotten older and more independent.

No one really wants the honest answer, which is money. Being a grad student is not lucrative, y'all.

So here's my list of things I like, things I'd like to have, and things that would make great gifts for any adult-ish, 28 year old, kind of bookish girls.

*A classic for a reason. $29.99 on Amazon

*With a chapter on Southern food by John T. Edge, this looks like a great conversation piece and a nice coffee table book. $16.79 on Amazon. 

*Neil Gaiman is kind of my literary spirit animal. $15.59 on Amazon. 

*Yeah, I bizarrely don't own this. Also, I clearly think that books are the best gifts ever. $26.58 on Amazon.

*Yum. $23.78 on Amazon. 

*I'm a nerd. But this book is expensive and I need it for my dissertation. $46.33

*I have a friend who has one, and loves it. I'd really like to keep track of how much activity I'm actually doing, both at the gym and just running around. $99.95 at Walmart, Target, etc. 

*I'm in the market for a new brow gel/pencil - I have really thick brows, but I had a cyst taken off one of them a few years ago and now they're kind of uneven. I've heard this is great, and I'd love to try it. $22 at Sephora.

*Um, this is adorable. $19 at Victoria's Secret.
**Also I like glitter. 
***A lot. 

*I had this for the first time at Cocktail Wars last week (post coming soon - spoiler alert: it was AWESOME) and loved it. So for anyone who wants to get someone (or me!) a good sipping bourbon, this is the way to go. Prices vary, but it's available at most Memphis liquor stores.

*SO EXPENSIVE. But I want it. Because I love him. $135 at Dick's Sporting Goods. 

There honestly isn't that much that I need. Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Target gift cards are always appreciated - yeah, it's lazy, but don't we all have enough trinkets sitting around given to us by people who don't know us quite well enough to get something really meaningful? 

Also, homemade gifts, lunch dates, home-cooked dinners, and time are great gifts. Because, really, as much as we all like stuff, the gift of someone's time is the most important one. 

Happy Holidays!


  1. If no one gives you Marry Poppins, I have a copy of the 35th anniversary edition you can have, for some reason I have both it & the 40th

  2. I can loan you all 6 Mary Poppins books on Kindle!