Thursday, December 5, 2013

Memphis Nosh: Central BBQ

My mom, little brother (okay he's 21, but still my little brother), and his girlfriend came to Memphis a few weeks ago to spend the day with me. We went to the zoo and then we were STARVING.

Logically, we went to Central BBQ.

I'm definitely a Central girl. Yeah, some people like the Barbeque Shop (good fries, good food,, abysmal service), or the Germantown Commissary (really good, but so far away from me), or Corky's (generally meh, but some people love it), or Rendezvous (i.e. tourists) but I've lived here long enough to have a definite opinion. And that opinion is right. And delicious.

It's Central.

It doesn't hurt that Central is on my way home from school. And like 2 miles from my house. And so convenient. And cheap. And...well you get the point.

*Via Wikimedia.

The location I go to most, pictured above, is on Central Avenue in Midtown Memphis. The parking lot is a little challenging, but I've never not been able to park, even when it's crazy. They have a pretty big dining room and a massive patio. And now they have one of those UofM tigers out front. (They also have a location on Summer and one Downtown.)

There's often a line, so they very helpfully put their menu up outside too: 

*It smells so good outside that really you just want to lick the window. Don't. That's gross. 

*They also have some great signs on the side windows. 

Here's the full menu: 

*So let's just have real talk for a second. There is nothing on this menu I wouldn't eat, except beans, but that's not Central's fault. Beans are gross. 

But really. I can't see anything that doesn't look good. And I've eaten almost everything there.

I tend to get the same thing every time, or at least close to the same thing: the pork plate with a bun (no slaw - the one thing I don't get about Memphis is this slaw ON your sandwich thing. Just no.) and usually chips and mac and cheese.

*As you can see, this is not a small portion. This is from awhile ago. 

*A better picture that shows two things. This is still way too much food for one person, and the level of consistency is insane. 

Also this is like $11. And is easily 2 meals. EASY.

Now, there are some secrets. Like the Starbucks secret menu, there are tricks to maximizing your Central experience. 

1. If you get the nachos (DO IT), get them with the housemade chips (like above). So good. 

2. If you get anything, get the chips. 

3. If you don't get the chips with your meal, buy a bag. 

4. Amber + Chips 4LYFE.



Another thing I do is get the mac and cheese and put pepper and the dry rub seasoning on it. So good. 

One of the best things about Central (besides the amazing food and the great service and the awesome atmosphere and how cheap it is and how close it is to my house) are the cups. 

*Right now they're Memphis Tigers themed.

Even my roommate, who thinks I'm kind of a hoarder (guilty) and that we have too many cups, appreciates these ones. We take them to work, in the car, for cookouts, whatever - they never break, and if you lose one, well damn, guess you have to go to Central to replace it! 

Also, I can't be the only transplant to Memphis who thought "wow, I'm a Memphian now" when my plastic cups from Central, Gus's, Soul Fish, Young Avenue Deli, and various other places outnumbered my "real" cups, right? 

Central also does catering: 

And you can buy their sauces, rubs, and t-shirts in the store or online. 

I have this one because, of course: 


*Bahahaha. Yes, I'm a 15 year old boy. I've accepted it.

Now I'm hungry. Who wants to go get some Central with me over break? :)

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