Wednesday, December 4, 2013

OOTD: Fall Teaching

For those of you who don't know, I teach a class at UofM. 

And I love love LOVE teaching. 

I work in an office too, and it's fine, but I feel energized by teaching, and it's absolutely, along with research, my passion. 

In the fall though, there are a lot of issues to contend with. 

Brand new freshmen who don't know what syllabi are. 

Students who have a lot going on, whether because they're new or returning to school.

Lots of adjustment, especially to the source-based teaching I use (versus content-based lectures, which are boring and no one really learns from them) and the college experience in general. 

My own work, which doesn't get in the way of teaching, but is a consideration. 

But, maybe the hardest problem out of all of these: 

The damn Memphis weather. 

At various points this semester, it's gone from boots and a coat to sandals, short sleeves, and sundresses. 

(For example, this week it's going to be in the 70s today, then maybe snow this weekend. What the hell?)


Unfortunately, my building at school has had the heat on for weeks. 

So it's an oven. 

And the windows in my classroom don't stay open. 

And since I'm in my building from 8AM to 7PM on days I teach, I need comfortable and professional clothes that let me deal with this crazy weather/the oven I'm in all day.

Plus this is one of my favorite shirts: 

Shirt: JCP (years ago)/Tank: Target/Jeans: American Eagle/Shoes: Target
*Also, my hair is absolutely still wet. I promise it was dry by the time I actually got to work.

I really like these jeans, they're a dark denim boot cut that has a little stretch, but not so much that they stretch out. The top is structured and simple enough, I think, to look professional, but cool enough that I'm not sweating all over the place.

(Plus I'll never look any older than I am, and I'm that cool professor like Ted tries to be - example:)

I am Ted Mosby. I've accepted this.

And those shoes are so comfortable. Just basic, maybe $10 black flats from Target probably 6 years ago. I've worn them all over Arkansas, Memphis, Paris, Prague, London, Lisbon, Wisconsin, Utah, North Carolina, Virginia, and Missouri. 

And they are still in almost new condition. 


I wore these like every day in Prague. 

Which looks like this: 

*Via this blog. Those cobblestones aren't messing around.

And this: 

*So basically rainy and hilly as hell. Beautiful, but good lord the hills. 
**I took these photos while catching my breath from the hike.

Moral of the story: Target flats will hold up forever. And are comfortable. And work in any weather situation. Or work situation.

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