Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Memphis Style: The Attic

I've mentioned before that, when I moved to Overton Square in 2009, there was...not a lot. 

A couple of bars and restaurants.

A head shop.

Lots of abandoned store fronts and lots.

There was certainly no place to buy cute clothes or jewelry.

But that all changed in late 2013 when The Attic came to the Square.

Located on the corner of Madison and Cooper, between Bar Louie and Lafayette's, The Attic is one of my favorite places to shop.

I've bought a ton of jewelry, several dresses, jeans, tops, sweaters, and even tees from The Attic, and loved every single piece!

Plus it's a great space, with some of the friendliest staff in the neighborhood.

I mean, look at all this (reasonably priced for a boutique!) jewelry! And that huge displace of WoodWick candles!

I'm like a junkie with candles. I can not stop smelling them.

They have beauty products.

And I'l support any place that has local t-shirts!

I desperately wanted that Zach Randolph one but they didn't have my size. The street names one is great too - all from a local artist and carried locally!

In addition to the great candles and jewelry, they also have some really cute soaps and small gifts. This would be the perfect place to shop for graduation or birthday gifts!

They also have, for being a smaller store, a really big selection of clothes.

I'm seriously lusting over this dress.

I have a patterns problem.

The Attic also has a surprisingly large plus size selection, something that's almost unheard of in boutique stores.

I am a very short, curvy person and I almost always find something I want AND that fits in The Attic. I actually bought this dress (and proceeded to take a really awful selfie, clearly) right after they opened and wear it all the time. 

(It's definitely me that's awkward. Not the dress. Also this was in The Orpheum restroom, and it was so damn cold outside I was still shivering.)

I want to buy all the summer clothes they have now, but I'm a broke grad student. Anyone who wants to contribute to the "Buy Amber Some New Clothes" fund, please email me. :)

They even have guys clothes!

(Look for a men's fashion post coming soon!)

And, my favorite place, the sale rack!

Although, honestly, the prices at The Attic are insanely reasonable. I think that awkward selfie dress was $40, maybe, and all the jewelry I've bought has definitely been under $20. So great for a gift or a little treat yo' self day!

(My spirit animals.)

Finally, I'm so in love with this idea, and can't wait to get one of these. Anyone who knows me knows that I am CONSTANTLY running out of battery on my phone. I need this.

This just shows that The Attic is both in tune with national trends (because we're all playing SimCity and taking too many selfies) AND loves Memphis. The local flair with the availability of great boutique brands makes The Attic one of my favorite places to shop! 

Alex and Ben, the co-owners of The Attic, are both super friendly, and have a great story as active members of the Memphis fashion and retail community:

"Alexandra Nicole and Benjamin Scharff, couple and co-owners of The Attic men's and women's clothing store in Overton Square, share an entrepreneurial passion. With Alexandra owning Adel Amor Cosmetics, The Ivory Closet, The Cedar Room, and a partner of Pageboy Salon on the Island and Benjamin owning IronJaw Dental Labs this couple has taken on the challenge to start a successful enterprise in Memphis, TN. When taking on their first business project together, they discovered that their plan had even a deeper meaning to both of them. They wanted to be a part in helping to renovate a piece of Memphis', almost forgotten, history. When the Loeb's took on the renovation of Overton Square and began looking for tenants, Alexandra and Ben were the first retail shop to sign on."

Plus, if you check in on Yelp right now, you can get 15% off any accessory or cosmetic item!

Please go and support Overton Square AND Memphis fashion!