Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Memphis Nosh: Maximo's on Broad

A few weeks ago I gathered some folks up to go to Maximo's on Broad, a fun little place on the currently revitalizing Broad Avenue. 

Plus, we really like brunch.

So let's start with the negative before we get to how delicious the food was.

I've never been so utterly ignored by another person as I was by one of the servers/hosts. A young woman with a nose ring and black hair did everything she could possibly do to keep from looking at us. It took another host coming over and asking if we needed help to even get out names on the list, and then I'm pretty sure the other host sat several other tables that got there after us. 

But after that, it was fine. So make sure you're okay with being really assertive to get a table, especially when it's busy!

They have a pretty extensive brunch menu, with lots of drink options.

Sloan got a Bloody Mary. One of my other friends did too. They said it was okay, but not nearly spicy or peppery enough.

I got the Brunch Burger, which, despite being a little overcooked (I like my meet to still moo a little) was really good. I would never have put ham on a burger but it's awesome!

I *think* this was the Heavenly French Toast. Whatever it was, it was good!

Sloan got The Kitchen Sink. Holy cow. 

This was probably my favorite thing anyone had. It was classic breakfast food but really really well done.  

Good mimosas - heavy on the champagne.

Overall I liked brunch at Maximo's. I've heard dinner is amazing, and they have a great wine selection I want to check out. Really good food, a pretty good price, and a nice atmosphere, so I would definitely go again if I'm over on Broad!