Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Men's Fall Fashion: Essentials and Trends

I was recently asked what I liked, fashion-wise, for men, and realized that, while I know what I find attractive, I don't really know what men

Also, men's fashion is a little less accessible - my boyfriend (who has great taste but also values my opinion!) agrees that being "into" fashion is a little less easy for guys than girls.

But, basically, the "rules" are the same!

1. The right foundation is key!

While men don't have to pay $50 for a decent bra (damn you!), they do still need undies.

This infographic, from Tommy John, shows some insights on men's underwear, including a shocking statistic that 59% of men aren't satisfied with their underwear!

2. There are wardrobe basics for men too - quality pieces you can wear all year.

Men's Essentials

There is no "little black dress" for men, but a nice undershirt, a button-up, some darker wash jeans, and a classic leather watch is such a fantastic outfit!

3. But trends can be fun!

Just because there are a lot more basics for men, doesn't mean there aren't trends worth checking out!

Mens Trends

Similar pieces, but on-trend styles. 

A flannel shirt, a grey cardigan, a mechanical watch, and some colorful khakis.

Because colorful khakis are just more fun.


4. Don't forget the accessories!

A great bag, a nice blanket (for when it's cold and those spontaneous picnics!), a nice glass, classic sunglasses, and a fancy shaving kit are awesome fall accessories - and anyone looking for a gift for guys, these are some great ideas!

I'll definitely be posting more about men's fashion - anyone have favorite looks for men?

Thanks to Tommy John for the great images! Check out their fall fashions today!
Although I received images from Tommy John, I was not compensated for this post and all opinions are honest, unbiased, and my own.

Friday, October 16, 2015

My Favorite Fall Dress

I have been looking for a black t-shirt dress for ages.

I found this one at +Old Navy recently and it is PERFECT.

With a cardigan, an open cardigan, a puffer vest, a kimono, or alone.

With almost any shoes - flats, moccasins, sandals, boots.

It's amazing. 

Favorite Dress

The best part?

It's on sale for $10 right now!!!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Fun Fall Decor!

Fall is always a really busy time for me, and this year is no exception - I've got a to-do list a mile long, and no end in sight!

But, just because it's busy, doesn't mean I don't want to decorate for my favorite season. Here are two super easy ways to add some subtle, fun fall decorations on both a time AND money budget!

Autumnal Wreath

(Autumnal is just a fun word, let's face it!)

This wreath is super easy. I bought a plain wreath from Michael's (watch out for coupons - they'll save you a ton!), two small bouquets of fake flowers, and a roll of burlap ribbon. 

Take the burlap ribbon and wrap it around the wreath, securing it between the twigs in the back. 

Cut the flowers off about 2 inches below the bud - you want to be able to securely stick them into the wreath. 

Make a burlap bow and tie/hot clue it to the wreath.

Hang it up!

This whole project cost me about $25 and took about 20 minutes to make and hang.

Fall Centerpiece

This one is even easier!

I took some of the leftover flowers from my wreath, put the paper that Hobby Lobby wrapped them in in the bottom of a small glass, cut the flowers to an even height, and put them in the glass!

I also put one of my favorite candles, Sweater Weather from Bath and Body Works, next to the vase to add a little more color and a great smell.

And the quatrefoil stand was actually a flower stand that had a broken wheel - so I took the wheels off and have used it as a centerpiece ever since! 

Total cost:
Flowers - free, from other project
Paper - free, just the wrapping paper from the flowers
Glass - I mean everyone has a glass, so I'll say free
Candle - $22, but I got it on a sale, so probably $8
Metal Quatrefoil - $10 at a garden supply store a few years ago

(I was also about to paint my nails, and the colors are Essie's "After School Boy Blazer" and "Leggy Legend" - $7 each!) 

These are easy, quick crafts that anyone can do, and that add a ton of fall happiness to your home!

Monday, October 12, 2015

Memphis Nosh: Staks Pancake Kitchen

Last weekend I went to Staks Pancake Kitchen, the new breakfast place in East Memphis at Perkins and Poplar, with Sloan and his daughter - even if I didn't like them, it's pancakes, and I really really love breakfast food, so I was going to go eventually, and with a bunch of people I could steal their food too!


So here's the deal with Staks: you order at the counter, you don't tip (because they actually pay their servers a decent wage *GASP*), and they have the best damn pancakes I've ever eaten in my whole life.

(Even if the food was bad - which it absolutely isn't! - I would support them for this!)

We all got water, Sloan's daughter got milk, and Sloan and I got coffee - great coffee, from J. Brooks.

The pancakes are amazing, but right off the bat I was impressed by the service. My water cup had a tiny leak, and I asked a passing server if she could take it and get me a new one - I said I know this probably isn't your job but it's flooding. She looked at me, smiled, and said "of course it's my job, my job is to take care of you!"

Amazing what happens when you pay servers more than $2.15 an hour. 

Then the food started coming out.

And holy wow.

Cinnamon Roll Pancakes - these were surprisingly not too sweet!

I didn't feel bad snagging a bite of that GIANT pancake!

I got just the regular buttermilk pancakes with a side of crumbled bacon. I wanted to try the foundational pancakes, and I was not disappointed!

I mean, look at how well they stay together! They weren't dry, but they weren't that gross squishy texture either. Absolutely perfect!

Their side of bacon is huge, thick cut bacon from Porcellino's.

I also got the fruit cup. This was the only part I wasn't totally impressed with - mostly because it wasn't very much fruit from $3.25 - but the fruit was really fresh and good.

Sloan got the Shrimp N Grits.

Gouda grits. 


Two poached eggs. 

Oh. My.

It was so good - I'm definitely getting pancakes AND an omelette or this next time!

The menu is pretty extensive, with lots of choices for everyone. It is a little pricier than a lot of breakfast places in town, but they don't accept tips (so if you're a decent human being, you should figure 20% of that price is the tip you should leave anyway) and a lot of the ingredients are local. Plus, I'll always pay a little more for good food and good service.

Staks is a gorgeous, delicious new breakfast (or lunch!) option that y'all should definitely check out soon!