Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Men's Fall Fashion: Essentials and Trends

I was recently asked what I liked, fashion-wise, for men, and realized that, while I know what I find attractive, I don't really know what men

Also, men's fashion is a little less accessible - my boyfriend (who has great taste but also values my opinion!) agrees that being "into" fashion is a little less easy for guys than girls.

But, basically, the "rules" are the same!

1. The right foundation is key!

While men don't have to pay $50 for a decent bra (damn you!), they do still need undies.

This infographic, from Tommy John, shows some insights on men's underwear, including a shocking statistic that 59% of men aren't satisfied with their underwear!

2. There are wardrobe basics for men too - quality pieces you can wear all year.

Men's Essentials

There is no "little black dress" for men, but a nice undershirt, a button-up, some darker wash jeans, and a classic leather watch is such a fantastic outfit!

3. But trends can be fun!

Just because there are a lot more basics for men, doesn't mean there aren't trends worth checking out!

Mens Trends

Similar pieces, but on-trend styles. 

A flannel shirt, a grey cardigan, a mechanical watch, and some colorful khakis.

Because colorful khakis are just more fun.


4. Don't forget the accessories!

A great bag, a nice blanket (for when it's cold and those spontaneous picnics!), a nice glass, classic sunglasses, and a fancy shaving kit are awesome fall accessories - and anyone looking for a gift for guys, these are some great ideas!

I'll definitely be posting more about men's fashion - anyone have favorite looks for men?

Thanks to Tommy John for the great images! Check out their fall fashions today!
Although I received images from Tommy John, I was not compensated for this post and all opinions are honest, unbiased, and my own.

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