Monday, January 20, 2014

Memphis Nosh: Dishcrawl Cocktail Wars! and Dyer's Burgers

Sorry it's been so long!

I took some much needed time away from the world over the holidays, and then got the flu, and then had to prep for classes.

But I'm back!

Right before break, on December 12th, I got to participate in one of the most exciting, entertaining, and just FUN events I've attended in Memphis - Cocktail Wars!

Even better, Kim, who runs Dishcrawl in Memphis, asked me to be a judge!

*At Alfred's, one of my favorite spots.

*I got number signs and everything! Very official. 

Basically, people bought tickets to come watch local bartenders make signature drinks using a variety of sponsor liquors, like Bulleit Bourbon. The judges made comments, asked questions, and, along with the mixologists and our amazing MC, Big Sue, entertained the crowd. Our scores were combined with the attendees to name the best cocktail, hottest bartender, best presentation, most creative, and best taste. 

And there were delicious cocktails to drink. 

Hence the huge amount of people there:

*This is about 15 minutes before the start. It was even more crowded during the event. 

I was sitting sort of behind the mixing table, so all my shots are from the back, but it was super fun to watch.

*AK Metzger of Aldo's making the Thai'd Down with Tito's Vodka.

*The Thai'd Down. Yeah, she broke out the blowtorch to toast that pineapple. So good!

*An unfortunately fuzzy pic of Big Sue doing her thing. 

*Evan Potts from The Cove making the Black Walnut, with George Dickel Rye. 

*This was so good. One of my favorites - strong but not just liquor.

*Caitlin Moore from Rum Boogie making the New Fashioned. 

*We were all starting to think we were really funny by about drink 3. And we were pretty hilarious if I do say so myself. There's Trey Paul, Joelle Pittman, and Phillip Ashley Rix! Hey other judges!

*Here is Andy Walker, from The Green Beetle. His cocktail was super good, and had Coldcock Herbal Whiskey, which is one of my faves.

Just to show how many drinks we had actually had at this point, when it was my turn to comment on his drink, rather than really talking about the drink, I referenced when Big Sue asked him how to get a bartender's attention. He said cash. I I've been doing it wrong this whole time.

I referenced my boobs on stage.

While being filmed.

Oh my.

And finally, although somehow I managed to not get a picture of her making it (hooray booze!), Athena Kalafat made this beautiful creature:

*The Sweet Chi Chi. Also known as Going to the Drunk Spa, because it has coconut water! Healthy!

Then it was time to vote!

*Too many decisions.

While we were finishing up voting, it was time for some selfies!

*With Michael Hughes of Joe's Wine and Liquor

*With Bill Courtney, a really inspirational (check out "Undefeated") and pretty hilarious guy. 
**Also, I feel like I look way more drunk than I was. Tipsy is an accurate description. I don't know why my eye gets so droopy when I have like 1 drink.

*With Joelle Pittman, the Memphis Yelp Community Manager. Who is AWESOME.

*With Trey Paul, from Fox 13. I've heard his show is great. But it's really early in the morning, so I'll just say he's great and assume the show is too.
**Also I'm very sad that I don't have a pic with Phillip Ashley. I guess I'll have to go to his shop and take one!
***Not in a stalkery way. Weirdos.

*Also, Dishcrawl HQ was there, and I got to meet Dishcrawl founder and CEO Tracy Lee! We've been instagram friends for awhile, and it was great to meet her finally! Her entrepreneurship and business model are huge inspirations to me, so I was a little starstruck!

While we were waiting for the results, Joelle and I got a couple of Sweet Chi Chis (because we definitely needed more booze...) and hung out with the crowd.  

And we got a performance by the Memphis Queens!

Check out the winners here!

After the competition, Joelle, Trey and I decided carbs were just the ticket. Good thing we were right next door to Dyer's Burgers

101 year old grease, y'all. 

Seriously though, this place is insane. 

*The single with cheese. And fries. Best tipsy food ever. 

Cocktail Wars was super fun, the grease and carbs after were great, and I got to hang out with some of my favorite Memphis people. 

The best. 

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