Friday, January 24, 2014

Memphis Nosh: Huey's

Seriously, how have I never written about Huey's before?

I'm pretty sure that at various points during my life in Memphis, my diet has consisted of at least 73.8% Huey's food.

I take out of town guests there, I take picky eaters there, I take myself there. They have something for everyone, and all of the food is great.

So the other day before I went to see "Her" with my friend Katie (a weird movie, but good) I was starving. And Huey's is right down the street from Studio on the Square.

It was like a siren, calling me.

Huey's is a local chain that has been around since 1970. Unique to Memphis, they have a lot of live, local music at their locations (which are all over town - seriously, there's never a reason to go without Huey's) and several trivia and karaoke nights, as well as TVs, and, especially at the Midtown location, a really great rotating selection of music (when I went it was 1980s all the way).

And they have a huge menu:

Here's the full menu: 

*From the Huey's website. Seriously if you can't find something to eat on there, you are too picky. Even the pickiest person I know likes Huey's. 
**And I've never had anything bad. The potato soup is a Memphis legend, the Reuben is great, the Sunshine burger justifies everything I've ever said about eggs on burgers, the onion rings are insane, and so on.

They also have a huge beer and wine and liquor selection, but I was there to eat. A lot. 

I started with some cheese fries: 

*Oh my. 

These are steak fries covered in cheddar cheese, scallions, bacon, and then put under the broiler to get melty and crispy and delicious.

Some fries are super crisp, some are squishier (that's how I like mine), and they're all covered in gooey cheese, with ketchup, sour cream, and ranch on the side for dipping. 


I also wanted a burger: 

*The Bluff City Burger. 

The Bluff City Burger has cheddar, fried onions, bacon, and barbecue sauce (I get mine on the side - I'm weird about sauces). 

*Literally the perfect movie. And I am that person in restaurants.

The only problem I ever have with Huey's is the burger temps are consistently off. I ordered mine medium. Definitely medium well to well. I'm not that picky, and it was still juicy, but it's kind of irritating - especially since I was one of two people in the entire restaurant eating. 

However, the service is good, and I bet if I had been that upset about it I could have sent it back. But I wanted to eat, and I'm just that weird person who notices things like that. And they've won Best Burger from the Flyer like a million times, so no matter the temp, they're fantastic.

So I ate half my burger and a third of the fries and got two more meals out of my $17 meal. Winning!

The restaurant is also

*You can shoot your frill picks into the ceiling. I'm too afraid I'll swallow mine, but kids like it. 

Sometimes there are little annoyances at Huey's, but I've never had anyone NOT like it. It's cheap, tons of variety, and, most importantly, it's delicious. 

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