Monday, July 7, 2014

New Haven, CT: When I Wasn't in a Museum...

The primary reason for my research trip was, obviously, research.

But here's the thing.

Archives are closed on Saturdays and Sundays. And usually after 5. And most of the time before 9. And even museums have to close sometime.

So when you're away from home for almost a month, there are at least 3 weekends and lots of evenings.

And a girl has got to eat.

And shop.

And see the sights.

But mostly eat.

So when I go on research trips, I always try to do two things.

1. Find local, sometimes bizarre, sights and souvenirs.

2. Eat great local food while still sticking to a pretty tight budget.

And in New Haven, I did both very successfully.

R2D2 Mailbox near campus.

A house near mine that looked creepily like the salon in AHS: Coven. And it had people on the second floor who cooked out every night. I almost asked to join several times.

Book I *almost* bought.


I also went to a little shop where I unfortunately wasn't allowed to take pictures, but if you ever go to New Haven, go to the little head shop/market on Chapel Street (who I can't find on the internet, but it's by Insomnia Cookies). Awesome store.

But I know why you're all here. 

You wanna know about the ridiculous things I ate. 

I hate to disappoint. But I didn't eat New Haven style pizza. 

I saw someone eating it and it looked...gross. I'm a very little sauce kind of girl and it just

But I ate a lot of other stuff!

I also went to...Shake Shack!

AKA Heaven.

I got a double with cheese, cheese fries, coke, and a chocolate shake. I was tempted by the "Skull and Cones" shake, not gonna lie.

Also don't judge.

Just look at it.

It's just so. Beautiful.


I also ate a lot of Starbucks outside. Beautiful weather!

And I ate at The Book Trader Cafe, which has some great food names. This was the Hammingway and Cheese. 


I wanted to love this place. It was a bookstore with food. But it was just...meh. I ended up tossing the bread (it was so hard I was afraid I would chip a tooth) and rolling up the ham and mozzarella and dipping it in the mustard. That's a thing. 

And, just so no one thinks I just eat out all the time and waste the money I get for these trips, I also go to the grocery store a lot. 

And make things like this. 


It is a tower of peanut butter sandwich strips. 

I like to eat my sandwiches with no crusts, cut into strips, because I am a damn adult. 

And sometimes, since I'm an adult, I make little houses out of my sandwich strips.

No shame.

Next stop: Farmington, Connecticut!

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