Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Ocean

One of the highlights of my research trip, besides finding some great documents and generally getting to travel to some cool places, was seeing the ocean for the first time. 

Yes. The first time. 

I'm sure I've seen the Pacific, but I was too little to remember (my parents lived in California for a bit after I was born), and, while I've seen the Gulf, it's not exactly the same. 

I've flown over the Atlantic 6 times, but that's not the same either. 

So when I was on the East Coast, I asked my Connecticut native friend Ashley where to go to see the ocean for the first time. Her answer? 

Misquamicut Beach in Rhode Island, just a couple of hours away from Farmington. 

So on Saturday, I headed to Mystic Pizza and then along the coast to Misquamicut.

For $28 I got to park all day and hang out on the beach. 

It was a little cold.

It was super windy. 

There were lots of birds. 


It was amazing.

Even with the birds.

I got to use some cool new settings on my camera.

I took a book, a beach towel, and my camera and just...relaxed.

And even made bird acquaintances.

I've never been to such an awe-inspiring, calm place.

Plus, it was a beautiful day for taking a TON of pictures. 

In between chapters, I would get up and walk around the almost deserted beach.

(It was cold, y'all.)

I did find a nice older couple to take my picture. 

I am obviously freezing. 

I'm a delicate southern flower. 

One of my all time favorite places. I can't wait to go back. 


Washington, DC!

*All of these, except where noted or obvious (like when I talk about functions on my camera) are no filter). Please don't steal my photos - I'm happy to send anyone a higher res image and/or sell prints to anyone who is interested!*

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