Thursday, July 31, 2014

Washington DC: Museums

In between going to archives, I made time to go to a place/places that was absolutely on my bucket list: the Smithsonian museums!

I apologize in advance for all the photos!

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I went to the Smithsonian National Museum of American History first:

Greensboro Lunch Counter

Benjamin Franklin's Walking Stick

One of the first Singer sewing machines

Dorothy's Shoes

My very favorite: Julia Child's Kitchen!!!

I love Julia Child. My gramma and I used to watch her show all the time, and she was such a cool lady, great cook, and personal hero of mine.

I also took advantage of where some of my tax money goes, and charged my phone!

I also went to the National Museum of the American Indian, the newest Smithsonian museum.

I also went to the Museum of Natural History:

Where I saw the Hope Diamond!

(And one of the coolest exhibits on humans and human evolution ever, but the pics didn't turn out great.)

I visited the National Gallery of Art and the Museum of American Art/National Portrait Gallery:

(Clovis being baptized, and image I show to my students every semester)

(I took probably 200 pictures of the art I saw, but I'll spare you)

I also went to the Postal Museum. The museum is cool, and I loved the exhibits, but the experience wasn't great. Hateful security guards, lazy staff, just not well-maintained. Worth a trip if you're near it, but don't clear your schedule for it.

And the Air and Space Museum, where I saw the coolest show in the planetarium (don't judge):

And finally, the National Zoo.

Which was..okay.

Way too crowded, really confusingly laid out, unbelievably expensive. 

Overall, about half as good as the Memphis Zoo.

But it is pretty, and the animals I did see were awesome.

That concludes my Northeast travels! 

Next up, Utah and then back to our regularly scheduled programming (like lots of food, selfies, and rambling!)!

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