Thursday, July 10, 2014

OOTD: Y'all I'm Trendy! (For Once)

For one of the first times in my life, I actually got into a trend before I knew it was a trend!

Middle school was hard.

Adorable, but oh, that side 1994.

Usually I don't really care much about trends. I have my style and sometimes what I like is what is trendy, sometimes it isn't.


But a few months ago, I bought this at Target, on a total whim.

It's a "kimono" (cultural sensitivity aside, that's what it's called and I don't have a better description. Weirdly enough, "long sheer open thing with sleeves and fringe" isn't sweeping the nation...) and looks like something I would wear. So I bought it.

I like gramma chic most of the time if we're being honest. 





I'm in.

So when I went to Salt Lake, my cousin and I went to H&M.

Which I love, and which we do not have in Memphis.

My life is hard.

I was good, and only bought one thing.

A semi-ridiculous, mid-calfth length, crazy patterned open front kimono/kaftan thing.

For $15.

When Kyle and I went to see "Book of Mormon" at the Orpheum, I knew exactly what to wear on our date and to dinner at South of Beale after. 

Salt Lake City H&M Kimono thing!

Especially since SLC gets its own song in "Book of Mormon": Sal Tlay Ka Siti:

I knew my SLC find would be perfect!

Dinner Date

I paired my kimono (1) with a short (almost too short if I'm being honest...I looked like a hooker compared to the Mormon missionaries outside the Orpheum) tank dress like this one (2) - but I got mine at Victoria's Secret in the PINK section, which I'm not quite too old to avoid yet. I added some wedges from Target (3) and accessorized with my Fossil Sydney Shopper (4), Fossil watch and a pair of (not $19000) "diamond" earrings. 

When I was playing around on Pinterest a few days later, I found out that "kimonos" are all the rage right now!

I'm trendy!

I'm hip with the kids!

Not really.

But I do have a cute new outfit!

I'll be back tomorrow with my trip to Mystic Pizza and my one trip regret...yes, it has to do with clothes I DIDN'T buy!

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