Thursday, June 19, 2014

Home from Utah!

Just got home from one of my favorite places, Salt Lake City, Utah!

I go every year to see my family who live out there and grade AP tests (like summer camp for history nerds).

Right now, since I've been up since 3:45am and have been flying all day, and am going to Tunica tonight and making a birthday dinner for my boyfriend tomorrow and then taking a road trip to the Ozarks over the weekend, I'm just taking a nap.

But here are some highlights from my trip!

I had a lot of beverages:

Slurpees are my life.

Ate a lot of yummy food:

Saw some beautiful scenery:

I got to see some of my best friends, some of my family, and overall I had a great time. 

Now to nap. 

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