Thursday, April 3, 2014

Spring Lust Haves

Spring is so close here in Memphis, I can almost taste it.

Even if it kind of looks like the apocalypse outside, at least it's warm!

Definitely my favorite season, followed closely by fall, spring is perfect. Warm days, drives with the windows down, chilly evenings, cute clothes and color everywhere!

In the spirit of spring almost being here, here are some spring things I'm lusting/loving!

Spring Lust Haves

1. Bright, colorful, and patterned maxi skirts are the best! I got this one at Target, and I love all their other patterns.

2. I'm really digging mint this spring. This nail polish by OPI, "I Shop Mintage," is gorgeous and has a great name. It's pretty on, and it only takes a couple of coats to get a really good, bold color.

3. Nothing says chilly nights with friends like a fire pit. I needs it.

4. I have a sunglasses problem. These aviators are perfect for summer - it gets so hot in Memphis I have to get the ones that don't sit on my nose but sit on the little nose thingies. That's the technical term.

5. This is the only lipstick I've ever used an entire tube of. Yes, I am out of my Bare Minerals "Risk it All." Help me I'm poor.

6. Okay. So I returned some stuff to Dillards the other day, but since I lost my receipt, they could only give me store credit. No problem. Because I found this beauty. AND since it had a tiny (I mean - 1/16ths of an inch maybe) scratch on one of the straps, the cashier gave me 10% off. So yeah, it's expensive. But it's just the leather (and mint!) version of my favorite purse ever, which is really better for fall and winter. I may write a post just reviewing these purses, because they are seriously the best. 

7. I love the look of these shoes. I'm not a huge fan of having stuff around my ankles, but these are so cute I may be willing to give it a chance!

I definitely don't pretend to be an expert when it comes to fashion - but I love how springy and fun all this is! Anyone have any other "lust haves"? Or verified "yay it's spring" loves?

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