Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Memphis Life: 80s Retro Run 5K

A few months ago, Kirby found a Groupon for an 80s 5K - we had been talking about doing one, and since it's on my 30 by 30 list anyway, we decided to do it!

I have to admit I was a little nervous Saturday morning. I'm not a good runner, and I'm not a regular runner, and I'm not terribly in shape. But Kirby and I decided that we would jog some, walk some, and just have fun. Our only real goal was to beat her time at the House of Mews 5K and to not be dead last!

And, since it was an 80s run, we also had to find fabulous outfits!

*Not the best pic, but it was super super sunny. 
**Also I cropped out the girl walking past us. She had the weirdest facial expression and I felt bad putting what was clearly not her usual very pretty face on the internet.

We each got big crazy colored shirts from Walmart, I wore the most obnoxiously pink running shorts I have, my (already crazy colored) Asics GEL-Exalts, and, since it was so cold, tights for Kirby and a jacket for me. Luckily everything I have is already neon so we only had to buy scrunchies and shirts.

I like color.

*Double scrunchie. It's the way to go. 

The weather was a little chilly out at Shelby Farms, but it was a pretty day out. We started right at 9, jogged for a bit, then walked some since it's pretty hilly. We were absolutely those girls who mostly ran when it was downhill, but it was so pretty, we got to talk to some fun people, and, overall, we did pretty good!

Kirby beat her time at the House of Mews, and I realized I CAN do a 5K and not be last. We came in at 49 minutes, which isn't fast, but for walking a lot, isn't bad. I'd like to get down to 40 in the future (so about 13 minutes per mile) but for my first one, not bad!

Especially since these girls are not "runners"!

Overall just a really fun experience - looking ridiculous, talking to nice people, and getting out on a Saturday with a friend!

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