Monday, April 21, 2014

Memphis Nosh: Memphis Donuts

This semester, I've been teaching an 8am and 9:40am class on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

Every morning I teach, 70 students (okay, who am I kidding, like 40 students) look at me and expect me to perform. 

And I love it. 

But I gotta have some food first, y'all. 

On the way from my apartment to campus there is a heavenly, beautiful, wonderful place. 

Memphis Donuts.

While I'm not quite as rotund as Homer Simpson, we feel exactly the same about donuts. 

See, I love donuts. 

Like, a lot. 

And I like breakfast. 

And I like local places. 

So basically the ladies who own Memphis Donuts may actually have opened just for me. 

I may also have an ego problem. 



Memphis Donuts is on Poplar, right across from East High School, and it's a cute little shop. Super clean, lots of great looking food, and super super nice employees.


Community Coffee is very good - basic, but solid coffee. They also have fancy cappuccino smoothies and a cooler full of sodas, milk, juices and so on. 

You can stay and eat or take it to go.

They have savory pastries, like kolaches: 

These are a lot like the sausage rolls at my favorite breakfast place and bakery in Fayetteville. They have regular or spicy (which are REALLY spicy) and they'll heat them up for you. So so so so good.

The also have a billion kind of donuts. Cake, yeast, cream filled, etc. I even tried the maple bacon donut!

This one was good, although I like my bacon a little crispier on things like this.

This, though, is my very absolute favorite thing. Behold, the chocolate frosted twist:

This is just like a donut, but twisted instead of just round. I don't know why, but these have always been my favorites. And the ones at Memphis Donuts are the best I've ever had. 

So, even if you don't have a Homer-like obsession with donuts, please go. The ladies are super nice, the food is awesome (and cheap! A medium coffee, 2 donuts, and a kolache cost me just under $5 the other day!), and it's a great local business!

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  1. I kind of want a kolache. I've never had one, but it sounds like something I would love, but eat in secret and not tell anyone about.