Monday, April 28, 2014

Memphis Nosh: Dino's Grill

My friend Michael (who is graduating tomorrow! So now he's Dr. Michael!) and I went to lunch at Dino's a couple of weeks ago.

One of our professors turned him onto the all you can eat spaghetti for $7.49 on Thursdays, and I hadn't been since...2008 maybe? we decided to grab some lunch and hang out.

We're the smartest kids in class.

Dino's is a kind of unassuming building on McLean. Parking can be a challenge because of the school across the street, but I found street parking pretty easily. 

The inside is kind of a bizarre mish mash of signs, photos, and even a little shelf of used books!

There are two sides - it's actually really big inside.

So the inside is interesting. 

Now on to the food. 

So I know where I'm gonna be every Thursday ever...

They even have breakfast!

Michael and I both got the Chicken Parmesan - he got butter sauce with spaghetti, and I got red sauce (they also have meat sauce, but I just like tomato) with ravioli. 

So these ravioli were stuffed with spinach and cheese. SO GOOD.

We also got a nice little basket of buttery bread to sop up that insane amount of sauce.

Was this the best chicken parmesan I've ever had? 


I like mine more spiced, and this was kind of bland - although once I added spice it was great. The chicken was a little overcooked, but there was so much of it that even with discarding a few bites I was stuffed. And the ravioli was awesome. 

So is the be all end all of good Italian food? No. But it's cheap and fast and a ton of food, and it's pretty damn good. 

Plus, this happened.

One of the top 5 best banana puddings I've ever had. 

Seriously, it took us about 3 minutes to eat this whole thing. 

I'm only a little ashamed.

Dino's is a really good little place with huge portions, good food, great desserts, nice service, and a really local feel. 

So who's in for all you can eat spaghetti? Ready to be horrified by how much I can eat?

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