Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Running/Walking/Active Shoes

Confession Time.

I am NOT a runner. 

I mean, I run. 

But I HATE it.

I hate being out of breath, I hate being sweaty, I hate being leered at at the gym.

(Which really deserves its own post. Have y'all never seen boobs? That's sad.)

But I do it anyway.

I walk and do the elliptical too, because if I run too much (or do any repetitive motion too much) my knee injury flares up and I can't do anything. 

So I need "running" shoes that are good for running, jogging, walking, and just general activities.

This is bizarrely hard to find.

But I have 3 pairs that I would highly recommend!
(I am not an expert - just someone with an injury who still tries to be active.)

Nike Women's In Season Training Shoes

These are crazy comfortable. I don't actually run in them much (they're better for daily wearing and things like elliptical or biking), but the few times I have they've been very comfortable and I haven't hurt at all. The inner sole is memory foam, and they're super lightweight. 

This is my favorite pair for just wearing. I have some memory foam Nike sandals as well, and I love them and wear them constantly.

These aren't the newest Brooks Glycerin running shoes (I got them fall 2012) but they're great. They are a little heavy for me, honestly, but the ankle support and width (I have super narrow feet) are the best I've tried. Not as comfortable for everyday wearing or walking, or, strangely, running outside, but the best I've tried for running on a treadmill.

So these are my favorites for 3 reasons. 

1. SO COMFORTABLE. And lighter than my Brooks. Much better for running outside, cross training, and for everyday wear.

2. Um, fantastic colors. 

3. I got these on sale at JCPenney for, all told, like $1.50. I had been hoarding rewards coupons, my birthday reward, and caught them on clearance, so they were almost free. Great value. 

I've always loved Asics anyway - that's what I wore in high school as a cheerleader most of the time, and I've always thought they were great. These are no exception. They're lightweight but not flimsy, have great ankle support, are narrow enough, and have a gel cushioning system that really makes a difference. A lot of shoes say that, but you can feel it with these. Just fantastic. 

So those are my favorite running/active shoes. Like I said, I'm not an expert, and I'm probably not picking them the "right" way or whatever, and yeah, I'm definitely wearing my "running" shoes for other things as well. 

But you know what?

I like what I like.

And these are what I like!

(I don't want to run.)

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