Thursday, April 10, 2014

Memphis Style: Maxi Dress Weather!

Just a quick post today to talk about my new favorite maxi dress. 

Memphis is still in that weird it's sort of chilly but it's kind of hot later in the day weather, so maxi dresses are perfect. 

When I was back home last weekend for mine and my brother's birthday party, I went to one of my favorite stores, Maurices, and found this beautiful dress - on sale!

I love that this dress can be more casual with no sweater and flip flops, or dressed up a little with a cardigan (in my current obsession, mint!) and some cute jewelry. Plus, unlike a lot of other dresses, it's thick enough material that I don't have to worry about all my unmentionables showing through!

Summer Casual

Also, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this shade of NARS lipstick - Full Frontal. It looks odd in the tube, but is a really great fuchsia color on. Plus their lipsticks are super long lasting!

Here it is on: 

(Why am I so annoyed looking? It was clearly cold, but I don't know.)

AND in case anyone hasn't heard, I'm going to be in the Boston, New Haven, New York, and DC areas in May for research. (Yay!) Not only is this dress totally coming with me, but if anyone from there reads my blog and wants to hang out (or has lodging recommendations for a poor academic who has never been to the area!) let me know!

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