Thursday, April 9, 2015

#30PhotosInBetween: Lately Lusting

I'm pretty happy with my life right now, but, like anyone, there are some things that I wouldn't mind having!

The first three aren't really all. They're goals. Big goals. But I'm so ready to accomplish them, it hurts!

1. Finish my dissertation.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my work. 
I do. 
But I still have a lot of blank pages, and writing is going much more slowly than I would like. So I would love to finish. Or at least finish more, now!

2. Find a reliable source of income this summer.

Grad students at Memphis don't get paid during the summer (or at least they don't in my department) so that's May, June, July, and August without a paycheck. I'm going to Utah to work for the AP, and I got a summer class, but I'm looking for something flexible in Memphis over the summer. If anyone hears of anything (tutoring, test prep, maybe waitressing) let me know!

3. Get a job when I'm done with my dissertation.

This one is a ways off, but I'm already crossing my fingers and wishing on stars and praying and thinking good thoughts to the universe!!!

Now for the fun stuff!

Lately Lusting

I'm obviously ready for summer!

I like my FitBit Zip a lot (the one you put on the inside of your bra or waistband) but sometimes I forget it, and would love the sleep monitor part since I haven't been sleeping well!

I basically want every candle from Bath and Body Works. And that coconut scrub. Gimme.

So I want everything from the Lilly Pulitzer collection for Target. But these are my top 4 must haves: this green dress is adorable, I'm in love with the pattern on this shift dress, there is no more "me" item than pineapple flip flops, and OMG IT'S A PINEAPPLE KIMONO!!!

Books. Y'all know I love books. I read an article about the author of The Opposite of Loneliness a few weeks ago, and it broke my heart. The book sounds amazing. And I actually just bought (on the sale rack!) Bring up the Bodies, so I'm really lusting for a time to read it! And to watch "Wolf Hall," because I have very nerdy, very Anglophile taste in TV!

What are you lusting over recently? Big and important things, small but pretty things, or both?

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