Sunday, April 5, 2015

#30PhotosInBetween: Easter Reads

While I don't observe Easter, I do love the joyful and beautiful nature of the holiday - gorgeous colors, the ideas of rebirth and renewal and springtime, the beauty of love and faith I see, and, on a less important and serious note, all the chocolate and pretty pastels and bunnies!

My favorite chocolate bunny!

But one of my favorite bunnies isn't even chocolate - it's Beatrix Potter's Peter Rabbit.

Beatrix Potter was a fascinating woman, and her life is absolutely worth reading more about. Her children's books, about Peter Rabbit and his friends, are still incredibly popular, even 113 years after her first book came out, and her work has been translated into 36 languages. 

Basically, she's awesome.

And so are her books!

I actually have "The Collected Adventures of Peter Rabbit" in German - "Die Gessammelten Abenteuer Von Peter Hase," a gift from a dear family friend. It's a gorgeous book, and beautifully translated.

My German could be better, but this is a great book for kids learning German. I only have a German copy, but my mom read me the English as a child, and it's so good!

"To Amber, From Wayne. Your mother must help you with German! Dec. 1993"

Peter was always getting into trouble!

Even the back cover illustration is adorable!

Anyone else love Peter Rabbit? Or read children's books in German like a giant nerd? :)

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