Thursday, April 2, 2015

#30PhotosInBetween: Inspiration

Today's Instagram challenge for #30PhotosInBetween was "Where you find inspiration."

What a complicated question!

Academically, I find inspiration surrounded by the works of historians I admire (Natalie Zemon Davis in particular), but my very favorite place to read, find myself, relax, and find inspiration for both my life and work is outside.

(Not that I want to be outside ALL the time - when it's rainy I just want to stay in bed and read!)

If I could do all of my work, teach all of my classes, and read outside in pretty weather all the time, I would be happy!

I LOVE Connecticut - I was there last May, and on one of the days when the archive was closed, I found a nice little park just outside of Farmington and read. Amazing weather!

The mountains are my favorite! This is on the way to Utah last summer, about 20 minutes outside of Salt Lake. I'm going again this summer, and hopefully will get to do some hiking!

I had never seen the ocean before last summer, and now that I have, I'm an addict! It was a little cold in May (in Rhode Island) but still beautiful.

Where do you find inspiration?

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