Monday, April 6, 2015

#30PhotosInBetween: (Awkward Selfie) View from Above!

You know what's really difficult?


But you know what ELSE is really difficult?

Taking a selfie of your outfit and not looking like a weirdo.

I manage on occasion, but for every good photo, trust me, there were at least 3 or 4 awkward ones.

But some outfits are worth lots of awkward selfies...and having your neighbors ask why you're standing in the yard taking pictures of yourself.

This was a "day dress" from Old Navy (on sale for $12!), a belt from Target that I bought a few years ago, some American Eagle sandals, my trust Fossil Sydney shopper, and this gorgeous kimono I bought from Francesca's. 

Making a brand new outfit from stuff I already have? 

I love when that happens!

I think, awkward selfies aside, that kimono tops are some of the most versatile and flattering pieces of clothing a girl can wear. 

I'm busty and 5'3" and, honestly, I feel like I can throw a kimono top on almost any outfit and still look good and put together.

And my goodness they're comfortable!

(Because, honestly, who doesn't love an outfit that forgives the occasional burrito binge?)

Here are a four really easy outfits, all topped with a pretty kimono - I'm partial to ones from Francesca's, Forever21, Maurices, and Target, but so many places have cute ones!

Four Easy Kimono Outfits

A simple black dress, a black tank and shorts or jeans, a complimentary color tee and short or jeans + a pretty printed kimono = instant outfit, elevated from tee shirt and jeans.

Because sometimes it's just nice to feel pretty!

And, while my style tends to run a little toward boho/high school drama teacher, I think kimonos can easily be dressed up or down, and, with so many styles and patterns, this is an endlessly customizable look!

Anyone else wearing kimonos pretty much all the time?

Anyone else taking awkward selfies all the time too?


  1. I love kimonos, they' re so great for slipping on top of a dress or over a tank top & making an outfit work-appropriate (I'm a student-teacher!)

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

    1. I'm a grad student who teaches college students, and I absolutely agree! Lately I've also been throwing them on when we go out, since it's still getting chilly at night, but not really chilly enough for a sweater!