Wednesday, October 30, 2013

OOTD: Lunch with a Friend

On Monday, I had lunch with a friend at Chiwawa.

Amanda Lee is about to pop, and we wanted to have lunch before the baby gets here.
*UPDATE* Baby is here! She didn't have it at Chiwawa! Hooray!

Plus we love Chiwawa.


The weather was just perfect - about 68 degrees, sunny, slight breeze. Not cold enough for a sweater really, and since I was walking up (5ish blocks) I wanted to not get too hot. Amanda Lee always looks really put together, so I also wanted to look nice. Not that she would judge me, but I have a ton of cute clothes so I should wear them!

And I got new shoes.

I love my new shoes.

I wanted to wear my new shoes.

So this is what I came up with:

Shirt: Alloy Apparel/Skirt: Gap/Shoes: American Eagle/Necklace: Claire's
**Taking selfies is hard. Also my hair is out of control here. 

This shirt is a little blousy, but I like it. It's comfortable and casual, but the skirt is tight enough that I don't think it looks sloppy. I think there's a happy medium that's hard to achieve sometimes - clothing that is loose enough to be comfortable is a necessity sometimes, but when it's too loose that's not good either. 

The eternal conundrum. 

My shoes are actually kind of hard to see - here are a couple of better shots: 

*This is what happens when you're bad to your feet (and I'm kind of a hot mess, so lord only knows what that piece of fuzz was...). But look at that adorable heart detail!

From American Eagle. 

I'm really digging the subtle leopard patterns I'm seeing for fall, so I feel like these shoes are trendy but can be worn for years without looking dated. Anyone else have any favorite fall trends? 

Also, shoes:

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