Thursday, October 10, 2013

Memphis Nosh: Kooky Canuck

Before The Lumineers concert Tuesday, Kirby, Courtney and I went to Kooky Canuck.

We wanted something relatively fast, downtown, not super expensive, and we knew we would be HUNGRY.

So, obvs, Kooky Canuck was a shoe-in.

Plus, I'm a sucker for any place that has a really active social media presence and really, genuinely, seems to care about their image and their customers.

*Also, I love that they use "eh" ironically so much. The "Veg-eh" Burger is a great example. 

Also, Canada:

*Oh Canadians.

We started with an order of poutine, which is basically the carbiest most heavenly food ever:

*Via We wolfed ours down too fast to get a picture.
**But for reals, they really look like that. 

The poutine is hand cut fries smothered in gravy (think the consistency of turkey gravy almost, and more like a sauce - I don't like regular gravy, but this is great) with big hunks of cheese curds. 


True story: Every time I go to Wisconsin to see my sister, I have to eat cheese curds as soon as we cross the border. It's a thing. 

Mostly because this is actually my life: 


We got the poutine for an appetizer, and then ordered our food. Kirby got the Provincial Pear Chicken Salad, which is "a delectable blend of fresh greens, topped with grilled chicken, pear, walnuts, blue cheese and dried cranberries with a raspberry vinaigrette." It looked amazing:

*This was after she had started mixing it up. I'm a bad photographer. 

Courtney got the "The Canadian," which was insane. It was a burger with canadian bacon, cheddar, grilled onions and BBQ sauce, which she declared to be the "best barbecue sauce" she had ever had: 

*This thing was a beast. She ordered it medium well and that's how it came. So good. Also, I just noticed that she's a really good hand model. 

I ordered the 4 Cheese Burger, which has American, Swiss, Jack and Cheddar.

I love cheese, y'all.

*And carbs, obviously. 

My only (no seriously, only one) complaint is that my medium burger was super super well done. We were in a hurry, and it was still really good, and juicy, but I find that my burgers are often over-cooked at Kooky's. The service, friendliness, and deliciousness make up for it, but if you're super particular about the doneness of your burgers, make sure to tell your server/check it when they drop it off. 

We were way too stuffed for dessert this time (I took half my burger and a ton of my fries home) but next time I'm doing the s'mores. 

We also had a really nice table visit from Shawn Danko, the owner of Kooky Canuck, who was awesome - seriously, this is one of the friendliest restaurants in town, and I've never had an even less than stellar experience there. 

Also, the ambiance is great - really feels like a cabin, and has some interesting wall decor: 

*From Courtney's Instagram. He was kind of staring at us. 

Kooky Canuck is on Second Street, right across from the Peabody. I always park at the Peabody Towers garage, and it's an easy walk from there. 


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  1. I thought the same thing when I saw he was following me on Twitter too. Great post...