Monday, December 1, 2014

Memphis Nosh: Sam's Donuts (Collierville)

My boyfriend lives in Collierville, and, as much as I used to be a little skeptical about the suburbs, it's actually a really cute town!

(And they won an award for having an amazing main street this year!)

(And I'm from THE COUNTRY so it's not like I hate the suburbs/country in general. People in Memphis just tend to get kind of uppity about living in the suburbs, and more than one person has asked me if I really feel safe living in Midtown, and then gotten really judgmental about it. I met a girl downtown one time who told me she carries pepper spray anytime she comes inside the loop because "everyone in the city will try to rob you." Ugh.)


Our semi-regular tradition on his days off is to sleep in, and whoever gets up first goes to Sam's to get a shameful amount of donuts.

Don't judge us. 

Sam's is in a small, kind of uninspiring, strip mall on Byhalia, by the Target in Collierville, and it's kind of sparse inside (and it's cash or check only - plan accordingly!). But don't let that fool you - grab a chocolate milk from the case, order an embarrassing amount of donuts (or pretend they're for more than 2 people...), and go home, sit in bed, guard your donuts from your crazy dog, and watch cartoons. 

It's the best.

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