Saturday, November 29, 2014

Holiday Wish List

So, first things first - I'm free!

Well. Sort of.

I turned in a couple of chapters, but of course I have basically the rest of a book to write, so I'm not "free" so much as I don't have anything looming right this very second. I want to have another chapter to my advisor by March 1st (this one on my favorite, James II, and his family!), but I'm taking a few days to do other school stuff and read a book that isn't about Henry VIII, and next semester I'm on fellowship, so I don't have any grading or teaching to do.


Since the holidays are looming (and several people have asked me!), I thought I would go ahead and do my annual "things I totally would love getting for the holidays" list!

It's no secret that I LOVE this movie (I have 2 posters with quotes from it in my house), and yes, I realize it is historically problematic (I'm having my USII students do a film analysis of it and it's wacky Reconstruction representation), but it's just so good. Also, I feel like every man in the world is intrinsically an Ashley (BOO) or a Rhett (Hello, Sailor), and every woman is a Melanie Wilkes (ugh...what a wet blanket) or a Scarlett (BAMF).


I have a great (and cute!) Target suitcase that I got about 3 trips to Europe ago and, while it's still holding up, I would love a new suitcase - especially with spinner wheels, which would be so much easier to move! I always get patterned bags so I can find them easily if I have to gate check (and so no one takes mine) and this pattern is fantastic! It's a little pricey, but good luggage is an investment in future gifts from my travels. :)

LOVE this tee from I will wear this immediately if someone gets it for me.

I've loved the crushed diamond/bezeled look forever - my gramma gave me a crushed diamond necklace when I was a teenager, and my parents gave me one when I turned 18. My favorite dream engagement ring is even this non-traditional type of setting (also I've clearly been on an Etsy kick lately...). And rose gold is so beautiful - I tend to be a silver kind of girl, but rose gold is really growing on me. 

These earrings are amazing. Absolutely the embodiment of my style.

One of my absolute favorite games, ever. It's so horrible, and offensive, and disgusting, but my lord it's fun. And I don't have it. That needs to be fixed.

I mean. Yum. I love this blog, and I've heard the cookbook is amazing. 

I like both prints but OMG LOOK AT THE ELEPHANTS!!!


I love this print from Lilly, and, while I think $30 for a candle is a bit much, I will absolutely reuse the jar forever.

LOVE this. Really anything Arkansas shaped (necklace, earrings, whatever) and I'm in.

Yes, I already have this album, on CD and vinyl, but this is the mono release, with no digital manipulation, taken from the original mono recording (the primary recording) and...okay I'm a nerd. But this is awesome.

That's all I can think of as far as specific things, but here are a few things I always love - and that the almost-thirty grad students in your life will probably love too!

Gift cards (girls like Target, Sephora, and Amazon...just saying)


Books that you recommend - it's so special to get a book someone has loved!

Knitting stuff

Fun pet stuff (Petunia looking stylish = me looking stylish!)

Scarves/Cardigans - my staples in the winter

And, it sounds tacky, but you can never go wrong with a nice card and some moola!

I hope this helps anyone looking to shop for me or anyone else!

Happy Holidays!!!

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