Friday, December 5, 2014

OOTD: Last Day of School!

Everyone does a "first day of school" outfit post. 

But the thing is, the first day of school is so much easier to dress for.

You're not behind yet. 

You're optimistic.

It's usually either hot (the end of August is still summer in Memphis) or at least mild when school starts, so you don't feel like this:

(Although, in Memphis, December could still be flip flops and shorts weather. But this particular day it wasn't.)

No one has really done anything stupid or made you mad or forgot to refill the printer paper.

You have brand new pencils and pens and notebooks. 

Even for PhDs, who never really get "breaks" from school, the first day of school usually sees us less stressed than the last day. 

Dressing cute on the first day of school = cake.

Dressing cute on the last day of school = NOPE.

But I did it!

(I totally went to the mall after class. No shame.)

Shoes//Jeggings//Tank//Cardigan//Scarf (Similar)//Purse (Out of Stock but all Francesca's purses are great!)//Phone Case (Similar)

Let's talk about that cardigan and scarf for a minute.

The cardigan is from Loft, and it's unbelievably soft, warm without being too warm (seriously why do people turn the heat up to 80 in the winter? Moderation people.), and such a great color. Yeah, I wear a lot of grey. But it's easy and always so nice looking.

The scarf is a Tilo scarf that I got in my Popsugar Must Have box a few months ago. I am NOT one of those people who is like "oh this cost such and such." But it was a great deal. A $125 scarf in a $35 box? Sold. Especially because it's pretty, huge, and, like the sweater, warm but not like...sweaty...warm. It's a pretty ombre, and can match almost anything. Seriously - if you have a chance to get one of these, do it!

So who else is done for the semester? Any big break plans? Wanna invite me? :)

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