Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Spring? Summer? Please?

I love Memphis. 

But this winter seems really, really, REALLY long. 

Basically it's like Arendelle in Frozen. 

Also that movie was fabulous.

But as much as summer in Memphis is terrible sometimes, I really need it to be warm again. 

Especially after we got teased last weekend with a perfect, drinking beer on the Second Line patio, Saturday afternoon. 

So sunny. So perfect.

So I'm ready. 

I'm ready for mimosas on the Boscos patio.

I'm ready for summer festivals and concerts, at Levitt Shell and the Botanic Garden.

I'm ready to mooch off of my friends who have pools.

I'm ready to jog and walk and run and dog walk in my neighborhood.

I'm ready for Memphis to look like this again.

I'm just ready for the city I love to look like herself again.

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