Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Memphis Nosh: Sweet Grass Next Door

Last weekend, after I went to see Spamalot, Joelle, Amanda, a few other Yelpers and I went to Sweet Grass Next Door for drinks and some food.

Next Door is the restaurant right next door to Sweet Grass (get it?) that's open later and has more of a bar feel than the original restaurant. I have no idea how to say that any more eloquently. Usually I just say, "Sweet Grass...Next Door."

Either way, both restaurants are fantastic. On the weekends, Next Door definitely feels like a cool after hours bar - if after hours bars were clean and had great food and didn't make you feel like you were making bad life decisions.

Because both restaurants are EXCELLENT decisions.

I started off with a Memphis Made beer:

*I had never had this one before, so our server asked me if I'd like to try a sample. Amazing customer service - and it was fantastic!

I like to try local or regional beers whenever I have the opportunity, and all of the Memphis Made beers have been great. I *think* this was the "Lights Out," but I'm not expert? Beer sommelier? 

After we had a couple of drinks, we decided to get food. Amanda got the charcuterie plate, which looked fantastic, Joelle got the burger (which, since I'm clearly on a quest for burgers in Memphis, I'll have to have soon), someone got the nachos and they were MASSIVE (I probably can't remember who because I couldn't see them over the nachos...). 

But I knew what I wanted. 

The best 3 words in existence. 




Now, tons of things look good on the menu: 

*Not the most current menu, or not exactly what we had, but close enough to get an idea.

But I have a long-standing love affair with chicken and waffles. Eat the Chicken and Waffle at Miss Polly's, on Beale Street, at 2 AM, and tell me you don't have the same feeling.

And that one is still amazing. 

But this guy. 



Really fluffy waffle, perfectly cooked chicken, really crispy skin, awesome butter (how does it taste so much better than regular butter!?!?), and some great syrup. 

This was huge. 

It was daunting. 

It was greasy. 

I ate the whole damn thing. And loved it. 

Especially with a good, cold beer and some awesome people, this was the best chicken and waffle experience I've had yet. 

So who wants to go back with me really soon?

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