Saturday, July 6, 2013

The 4th, "Beautiful Creatures," and Upcoming Excitement

So the 4th of July this year was interesting.

Let's back up.

The 3rd, my roommate, Kirby, Liz, our friend Troy, and I all went out (and I wore the green shorts!). And had an amazing time. And TJ and I sang karaoke.

(No, there is no video, but we sang "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around" and will be releasing our debut album soon...)

That night, we decided that we should grill out. Outside our apartment there's a little picnic table and side yard, and it's the perfect setup for a cookout.

So this happened:

Chicken Troy marinated and I grilled (I was elected GrillMaster), the world's spiciest guacamole I made, salad, fruit, lots of chips, hot dogs, brats, sauerkraut, potato salad, salsa, and, of course, sweet tea, Coca-Cola, and beer. 

As the night went on, more and more people came. My friend Kayla came down. Our neighbors across the hall came. Some people and their kids from the building next door came. 

And then we made s'mores. Excellent. 

On Friday, we were going to go to Chiwawa, since we have a carb addiction and NEEDED some fries. But then the sky opened up and Kirby and I decided to just order pizza, wear comfy pants, and watch tv. 

1. Domino's pizza: Your pan pizza is so good. Thank you for actually giving me extra hot sauce on my Spicy Hawaiian instead of just saying you did. 

2. Beautiful Creatures (based on this novel) was SO GOOD. Yeah, it's geared towards late teens, so there were some cheesy moments, and some inconsistencies and those "oh, so you solved that that easily OKAY" incidents, but overall, I loved it. 

Here's one reason, Alden Ehrenreich:

Via Wikipedia.

Yeah. I'm in.

So, there's that. I want to eat that kid with a spoon. He's 24, so I guess I could.

I can't say too much about the plot without giving away the twist, which is absolutely heart-wrenching*, but I can say that the acting in this movie, even if it's not usually your kind of thing, makes it worth it. Jeremy Irons is great, Viola Davis, Emmy Rossum, and Emma Thompson make their characters incredibly convincing, and there's even a Margo Martindale cameo! (MAGS! We miss you! - Love, "Justified" fans.)

*I may have been a little biased based on my lust for hottie there, but also because I watched Forrest Gump earlier that day. I literally start crying about 5 minutes in and then start sobbing when he gets to Jenny's apartment, with intermittent sniffles in between, like when Lieutenant Dan tells the girls never to call Forrest stupid. I'm actually crying a little writing this. 


Anyway, there's also some exciting stuff that I'm going to talk about this week, so stay tuned:

-I bought MORE new makeup. I got a sample of Stila concealer and liked it, but needed to shop around. So I've got some comparison. 

-Benefit mascara. Let's discuss.

-Outlander is being made into a TV show. And they just cast Jamie. An Outlander review/recap/general geek out is in the works. 

-I'm going to brunch tomorrow in Overton Square with one of my favorite ladies, Catherine. Boscos review coming soon!


  1. WWWWWWWWHHHHHATTTTTTT? They are making Outlander into a TV show?!?! I don't know how I feel about this--but I like it better as a TV show than a movie, I think TV can get more details and character development. Only if its a TV show a la Game of Thrones. Who is Jamie?

    Looking forward to your mascara post. Imma bout to buy Guerlain Cil d enfer. The blogger that recommended it is hapa like myself. Although I couldn't find it at Oak Court, and if I can't find it at Germantown today I'll probably just get Dior Extase instead. The woman showing it to me was white with lots o' eyelid (I tend to only take mascara advice from people with minimal eyelid, like myself) but I read a ton of great things about it online.

  2. YES! It's going to on Showtime I think, and everything so far looks pretty promising. Diana Gabaldon is putting up pics and updates on her Facebook - the guy's name is Sam Heughan. I'm pretty on board with him, although I can't really think of a good Claire, so we'll have to see! I agree with TV (or miniseries even) rather than movie.

    I just switched to benefit mascara, bad girl for everyday, they're real for dressier occasions. I wouldn't recommend either to you, since even though I have lots o' eyelid (an expression I absolutely LOVE btw), the they're real, in particular, is almost too much for me. I've heard both of those are good - you could also try, just for a cheap everyday one, the CoverGirl Natureluxe brand. I really like it, but I have stumpy blonde eyelashes and need a little more. Good luck!