Friday, July 26, 2013

Bastille Day

For the past two years, I've had an annual Bastille Day party.

Because, really, everyone has Fourth of July parties. Why not have a Bastille Day party?

Well, and, I was supposed to get married on Bastille Day, and having a giant party with all my friends prevents me from sitting around being sad/bitter/angry, and allows me to be thankful that my life is awesome.

It's basically a lot of wine, a lot of cheese, and some great people.

And a hell of a lot of fun.

Grocery shopping, French style. Small basket, crusty bread, buttery croissants, cheese, and flowers. And my red toenails! Also, a shout out to the super nice new Kroger on Highland. 

 Basically one of my favorite cheeses ever. Like, this spread on a croissant or some bread or my fingers = heaven. 

The flowers I got, in a Phi Mu vase from my big, Allyn! Also the cow cream holder - even though I've had cream in my coffee once in my life, and that was in London. He's cute. Oh, and the lovely tablecloth my mom picked out for me. 

 Fridge O' Beer. This is the initial stocking - my roommate had to go get a couple more cases. Don't you wish you had a swank fridge like me? :(
I made little flags for the cheese. None of this was left at the end of the night. I don't know why there's a can opener on the counter. 
Side note: The can opener seems to be out a lot. Is someone using it as a bottle opener, because I feel like we have about 12 of those, so it's not really necessary. 

The carb-y side of things. I also had little chocolate cookies, but someone moved them out from under the light, but didn't move the sign I made describing what they were. I'm not totally sure why I try to be classy anymore. Also pictured, Kyra's amazing butter cookies. And the Penguin!

Troy's koozie that lived at our house for a few days. You classy people and your koozies. 

Playing a party game. In the background there are a lot of wine bottles and my great Paris print. I don't know what this game was (I'm not sure the person running it knew honestly) but it was fun, and after we played my favorite, the one where you write down a famous person's name, pass it to the right, and they put it on their forehead, and have to guess who they are. I was Curious George. 

Bastille Day Twins! And the owner of the koozie. Come get your koozie bro! Also, in case you can't tell, it was a million degrees in my apartment, and that's about 10 minutes after I straightened my hair. Curly girl problems. 

The house was absolutely not trashed the next day, but these two (and Campbell) were worn out. Oliver is an introvert, and Petunia wanted to jump on everyone and beg, so she had to watch from her crate. I know how they felt!

So Bastille Day was a success. Next year I want to do a few things different, but the number of people who come every year grows, so I must be doing something right. Our new neighbors, who are awesome, came down (they had just moved in that day!), and a bunch of people I didn't know came as friends of friends, and everyone seemed to have a good time, so success!

Mark your calendars for the Third Annual Bastille Day Party, July 12th, 2014!


  1. I will definitely be at the next one! Even if we have another resident first, if Wes does a PGY2. Being un-pregnant by then will give me more staying power. :-)

  2. This looks like so much fun! I've never celebrated Bastille Day, but why not?! :) I especially love all the cheeses - that would be fun to taste test! :)