Monday, July 1, 2013

Memphis Nosh: Best Wings of Memphis

It's official.

I have zero dignity left.

Because this happened:

I went to Best Wings of Memphis for dinner on Saturday.

I discovered Best Wings a couple of years ago after reading about it on Dining with Monkeys, another local Memphis blog. (Confession: I actually saw Stacey, the woman who writes it, out at Huey's one night, and I straight up was that person who gushed at a blogger. I embarrass myself on a daily basis.)

And then my coworker went for lunch and brought it back to the office the other day.

It was inevitable.

Best Wings is kind of strange. It's on Summer, right across from Brown Jug Liquor (which is as awesome as you can imagine) and in a strip mall between a Subway and a dollar store - and about a half block down from the Paris Adult Theater. Which, I just discovered, used to be a theater-theater that was built in the 30's. Anyway, I don't judge. But this is the neighborhood:

*Image via Cinema Treasures.

*Image via Yelp.

This is actually one of things I love about Memphis. In most neighborhoods, especially in Midtown, it's dollar store, empty lot, shady car dealership, adult theater, liquor store (with plenty of hidden food gems, especially on Summer) and then less than half a mile away, you get this:

*Both via Rhodes College. Where I almost went. But I'm poor. And went to a similarly pretty, Presbyterian school in Arkansas that cost half as much. But Rhodes is gorgeous.

And this:

*From Wikipedia. See it at the corner of East Parkway and Sam Cooper.

So BWoM is in a very "Memphis" neighborhood - kind of sketchy next to mansions next to really sketchy. And it's not much to look at, honestly. 

Here's the inside: 

*I took this while trying not to be that creepy blogger.

It's a walk in and order at the counter situation, and the specials are on the board and various pieces of paper taped up on the walls. They have a fountain drink machine and bottled drinks, and a bunch of desserts to go, not that I ever save room for those. 

My only dislike about BWoM is the menu board. Maybe it's me. But I find it impossible to tell what I can get. So I usually go the route of telling the girls at the front what I want, and then they tell me what combos that means. 

This particular time I got the fish combo:

It comes with slaw (gross...I'm the one person in the South who doesn't eat slaw), tarter sauce, a bun, a TON of fried fish, and fries (seasoned or regular - I got seasoned, but the regular are good too). 

And, because I'm a glutton, and everything is amazing leftover, and I was STARVING from my mall adventures (more on that soon), I also got the six whole wings:

The three on top are seasoned hot, which are a little drier with a crispy skin and a tomato based REALLY spicy sauce. The bottom ones are the honey hot, my favorite, with a really think hot but sweet sauce. It comes with two things of ranch and two rolls. 

I got a little creative, making little sandwiches with the fish, and the chicken, and ranch, and fries, and the bun, and several of the little packets of Louisiana hot sauce they include. 

I may have scared the pets with how much I ate.

I would never eat this on a date. 

If I did eat this on a date, and they still loved me, I would marry them without hesitation. 

The wings are really, really good. Spicy. And messy. Crispy skin, but plenty of sauce. And they are BIG wings. As Best Memphis Burger noted, the wings smell amazing. I give them way more than one star though, although I'm not really a wing connoisseur, and I didn't get the same sauce. The honey hot, and the seasoned, are much better than the buffalo or barbecue sauces. 

BWoM is kind of trial and error, and it's weird, but it's a good price for, when you find the ones you love, amazing wings. 

And they have orange Fanta, which is just the best. 

I don't go to Best Wings often, but when I get that craving, it's amazing. 

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