Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Style + Travel: Vegas Vacation and the #UltimateVegasOutfit!

Where is the only place on earth you can go from New York City to Paris in less than an hour? 

 Las Vegas, of course!

I've been to Vegas once and loved it, and my favorite part was the ability to really feel like I was in New York City, then to walk down the street and think I had stepped into a Parisian neighborhood.

With gambling and nightclubs and tons of people of course!

One of the things I hear from people all the time is "how do I dress stylishly when I travel, without packing all of my things or spending all of my money?" I think this question is especially relevant when you go to Vegas - you want to have fun AND look great, especially if you're traveling the "world" walking down the Strip!

Here is what I would pack and wear to my two favorite Las Vegas hotels and attractions, New York New York and Paris Las Vegas:

Vegas: New York New York

For the New York New York, I think you need something fun, sensible, with just a touch of East Coast prep meets street-wise style.

This striped top keeps it classic, while the ripped jeans (which I would cuff since I'm so short!) are comfy and stretchy - a must when you're on the casino floor, wandering through the shops, or eating a LOT of New York style pizza!

A couple of pops of color from this adorable Tommy Hilfiger purse and those fabulous mint Converse, plus a watch (an essential in Vegas, where clocks are few and far between!) are all the accessories you need!

Paris Las Vegas

This outfit, for Paris Las Vegas, uses the same pair of jeans (if you say you don't wear your jeans over and over you're a liar...) so you don't have to pack a ton of different pairs. Jeans, black top, comfy but cute wedges, and a clutch are perfect for the Paris - you want to be able to stroll and feel like you're in Paris, France, but this is no place to wear couture, since you're going to be walking a lot! Add your watch and a bold Kendra Scott piece and you're set!

You could also dress this outfit up with a smokey eye and maybe some more accessories for a show - I mean, who wants to spend precious time going back to change!?

Rewearing jeans really saves a lot of room in a suitcase, as does using small purses and clutches (and no one wants to lug around a giant purse in Vegas anyway!). Changing up outfits with accessories and easy to mix and match tops saves room and money, and neutral shoes that are comfy and go with everything will let you pack fewer shoes but still look fabulous!

A lot of Vegas outfit ideas are just for clubs but...everyone knows how to buy a black dress and heels! New York New York is a little more casual, and trust me - real Parisians don't wear stilettos all the time!  

Both images via Vegas.com

These are some outfits that won't break the bank, won't break your back in a giant suitcase, and that will take you from eating pizza in New York to playing blackjack to seeing a show  to eating macarons in Paris, all in one trip!

Check out the great deals, trip ideas, shows, hotels, and things to do in Las Vegas on Vegas.com, and enjoy your trip to one of the most fun cities on earth - and take me with you!

This post was written in collaboration with Vegas.com. I was not compensated, and all opinions and styles are my own.

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