Friday, August 14, 2015

Memphis Nosh: Curry Bowl

Indian food is one of my favorites, but I'm kind of picky.

I want really spicy, not too much sauce, and I'm a naan addict, so it has to be good.

Memphis has some good Indian food, but I've never really...loved...any Indian food I've gotten here.

I LOVED the Indian food I had in London.

(Chicken Jalfrezi, Durbar, London)

But I only sort of liked all the Indian food I've tried in Memphis.

That all changed when I went to Curry Bowl.

It's in a totally unassuming strip mall at Hacks Cross and 385, and I honestly would have never known it was there if my friend Sloan hadn't told me about it and wanted to go - I'm just never in that part of town, but I will be now!

(And it was nighttime so I got no good pictures of the outside. Imagine a picture of a restaurant in a strip mall at night goes here.)

Curry Bowl has a lunch buffet that I definitely want to try, but we went around 8 on a Wednesday, so we each ordered an entree.

I got the Chicken 65 - boneless chicken marinated in yogurt cooked with curry leaves and spices.

Hello. Come here often?

Sloan got the Gobi Manchurian, butter fried cauliflower with ginger, garlic, and onion, on the recommendation of our server.

Chicken 65 on the right, Gobi Manchurian on the left - he was nice enough to share!

Definitely a good choice on both our parts. 

We also got some garlic naan, and this is what really sold me - this was the best naan I've ever had. 

Super garlicky, great texture, and we even ordered another order to go, because we literally could not stop eating it.

The service was really good, very attentive without being overbearing, and our server made great suggestions and asked how spicy we wanted everything. We both got spicy, and, while mine was a little spicier, both had a good kick and a nice lingering heat. I probably drank more water than I usually do, but I wasn't in pain or anything!

It's kind of plain on the inside, but everyone is super friendly, they have Bollywood music playing, and it's insanely good food for not a lot of money. 

Check out the menu here, and enjoy some of the best Indian food in Memphis!

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