Thursday, August 28, 2014

Memphis Style: Back to School Hair from Pavo Salon & Spa

I am the laziest person in the world about my hair. 

Part of that is because I literally can take a shower, run some curl definer/defrizzer through my hair (my favorites are Not Your Mother's Kinky Moves and Beach Babe), and walk out the door, letting it dry on the way.

So when I went to get my hair cut at Pavo Salon & Spa yesterday, this is what I said to my stylist, Anna: 

"I want close to my natural color and a cut I don't have to do anything with. Basically the lowest maintenance possible."

I didn't add "so I can spend more time sleeping and watching my stories" but I might as well have.

This is basically me.
(Pinned here.)

Pavo was recommended to me by a good friend who has consistently great haircuts, so I went for it.

For $140 (plus tip), I got a cut (probably 4 inches off the bottom, lots of layers), all over color (I have a lot of hair so shorter/thinner hair will be less, since it requires less color), and shampoo/style. Not a bad deal, since I was paying $120 for a cut, highlights, and no styling at my previous place.

Plus it's a super nice Aveda salon with lots of magazines and drinks and really friendly people.

So on Monday I went from this:

To this:

So much lighter, healthier, and only about 2 shades away from my natural color, so way less maintenance. Perfect for the incredibly busy year (grading/teaching/writing in the fall, on fellowship and trying to get mostly done with my dissertation in the spring, plus trying to submit at least 2 articles to journals, an international conference, AND all the day to day stuff of pets, friends, boyfriend, family, and generally being fabulous-ish) I'm going to have!

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