Monday, August 18, 2014

Memphis Nosh: Las Delicias

I love Mexican food, but I rarely eat it out.

See, my mom grew up partially in the Southwest, and she makes amazing Mexican food - really spicy, good quality ingredients, not slathered in cheese, not super greasy.

So I'm usually disappointed when I get greasy, bland, boring Mexican food, which is most of the time I eat at Mexican restaurants.

But not at Las Delicias.

Absolutely, positively, the best "traditional" Mexican food in Memphis.

I use the word "traditional" loosely, but I'm not talking places with tapas, or bars.

I'm talking basic Mexican food,. Chips, dip, tortas, tacos, enchiladas, the stuff you can find at any Mexican place in the city.

This is just the best one. No comparison.

Las Delicias is in a stip mall in the University District, at the corner of Park and Graham Street. 
(There's also one on Quince and one on Mendenhall, but I've only been to the Park location)

It's not fancy, but it's cheap, and it's good, and holy lord they have the best chips ever.

They show up as soon as you sit down, come with little carafes of salsa (heavy on the onion and cilantro, not chunky but not runny) and bowls, and they're hot and thick and I'm in love with them.

You can buy bags of them at the store, and at the Farmer's Market!

I'm ashamed about how many I ate this particular day.

They also have great guacamole, but my friend Catherine and I were on her lunch break and decided to keep it basic.

She got a quesadilla (always solid), and I wavered between a Cuban Torta ($6.25 for a GIANT sandwich) and my usual, the Alambre ($8.49).

I went with the Alambre because it's my favorite and it's huge enough for at least 3 meals.

Steak (or chicken, but I like steak), bacon (mmmmmm...), peppers, onions, melted cheese, limes, and a fire roasted jalapeƱo. All served with a basket of tortillas.

Except I eschew the tortillas. 

And just scoop it up with chips like an animal. 

An animal with thumbs who loves chips.

My total, with a Diet Coke, my food, and the free chips was $12.50 including tip. 

$12.50 for amazing food for at least 2, probably 3 meals? 

You win Las Delicias. 

You win.

(Four for you!)

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