Thursday, May 16, 2013

Long time no blog. Oops.

Quick update, then tonight I will write the (long-awaited by my adoring fans?) post about Europe.

Some things:

1. I have a new roommate. He's very cool. And clean. And has an adorable dog who is now Petunia's BFF.

2. I got cable. I'm still a dirty Midtown hippy, but with HD.

3. I've been hanging outwith a lot of babies lately. And pregnant people. Verdict: Babies do not like it when my dog licks them, and I uttered the phrase "I'll take the baby, just let me set down my beer." So there's that.

4. I made homemade Indian food. I may have burned off my taste buds.

5. It's summer. Which means I get to work and write and not teach and drink way too many Sonic drinks.

That's pretty much it. I'm working on my third set of comps, and this one is about witches and heretics, so at least that's kind of interesting. :)

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