Thursday, May 23, 2013


Right after I left London, I went to Lisbon for the conference I'm involved with.

Here's what I'll say about Lisbon:

Don't go.

It's dirty, and if you don't speak Portuguese, people are very rude. If you try to speak Portuguese, because you travel a lot and try to learn a few phrases in every language, people are even worse. Also, I got panhandled, propositioned, and offered drugs/sex more times than I could in a lifetime in Memphis. The public transportation system is efficient but sketchy, and it seems like tourism is actively discouraged. Even at my 5 star hotel (which didn't have in-room wifi, and which has a "fake" website that scammers use to get you to pay a ton for transportation), the staff was very nice, but the general feeling was not great.

I do have some pretty pictures, which I'll post soon, and the conference was (as always!) amazing, but I could never go back to Lisbon and be perfectly fine with my life.

I had a good time, but it was the company, not the city.

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