Monday, February 11, 2013

Working at Panera - A Love Story

So I woke up this morning with a renewed sense of purpose, a drive to actually work on my comps, not just an overwhelming feeling about how I *should* be working on them.

In an effort to sustain this feeling, I drove to Panera to do some work, since working at home (where I have a TV, and a giant pile of laundry, and the world's neediest pets) is pretty impossible.

Ah, Panera.

How I love your soft muzak, playing instrumental versions of my favorite adult contemporary hits. This sounds sarcastic, but I mean it. Sometimes I wear headphones, but it's never because of you - it's always because of the obnoxious conversations around me.

I adore your friendly workers who never interrupt me when I'm working but always manage to catch my eye just as I look up to see if I'm done with my plate.

Your smushy warm bread is actually something I've dreamt about.

Even though I always order the same thing (half soup and salad, always baked potato and grilled chicken caesar with no croutons, with a Diet Pepsi and a chocolate pastry), every time it's delicious yet unique, and easily eaten while furiously typing.

Speaking of pastries, the chocolate pastry is the closest to my beloved pain du chocolat from Paris that I've found in the US. Thank you.

When I make it in for breakfast, and I get a pastry and coffee, you always magically have fresh dark roast waiting for me. Always.

When I take a break from working to blog, you don't just provide the same soft lull and appetizing aromas as always.

And now you're opening a location less than half a mile from my house. Panera, you're the coolest friend an ADD grad student could ever have.

I love you.

Also, I hate nationalism.

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