Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Memphis Nosh: Los Comales Mexican Restaurant

Sloan and I are constantly on a constant quest for great, hole-in-the-wall restaurants - Memphis is full of them, and we're always discovering something new. Recently, we found what may be the holy grail of "holy shit I didn't know that was there" places.

Los Comales is an insanely good Mexican restaurant, barely 10 minutes from our house, that we had no idea existed.

Sloan found out about Los Comales from a friend he used to work with. His friend is Hispanic, and Sloan always asked where his favorite restaurant was. His friend would say "my wife's kitchen." FOR YEARS. 

But finally, he saw on Facebook that Oscar said his favorite place was Los Comales, just down from us on Perkins and American Way, and off we went!

Los Comales is close to the corner of Perkins and American Way, and is really nice inside. And huge - there are lots of booths, private rooms, and tvs, as well as a bar.


The guacamole is fabulous. This is just a tiny one - they don't play with the large sizes.

They also have the most amazing salsa. The red salsa is great, but that green salsa is like an avocado cream salsa with an insane amount of heat. We've put it on everything and it's so good.

Action Shot! 

This is the Milanese Torta - I don't know what bread they use but it is amazing. Soft but still sturdy enough for that great sandwich. 

This is the super spicy shrimp - the Camarones a la Diabla. This is seriously spicy people.

Not as spicy as the Menudo, which I did not get a picture of, but which they serve every weekend, and which my friend Troy is obsessed with. 

They also have, without a doubt, the best burrito I've ever had in Memphis. 

And the drinks? Oh my. 

Basically, if you want really really good Mexican food in Memphis, this is the place.
Like strong drinks and Mexican food? This is the place. 
Like spicy food/condiments? This is the place.

For real. You might even look like this when you eat there: 

(Aiya, basically seeing the face of god while eating a quesadilla.)


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