Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Rainy Spring Fashion

It's spring!

Which, in some places, means color and sunshine and flowers and bunnies and pastels.

In Memphis, it means monsoon season.

DAYS of non-stop, solid, dreary, chilly rain.

And even though it's cleared up...kind of...there's still more rain coming next week.

So how to dress for this super wet season?

Here are some of my favorite pieces, with lots of fun colors to brighten up the dreary days!

Rainy Spring Essentials

A fun rain jacket (and seriously, this thing keeps the rain OFF!), my new favorite dress that fits like an absolute dream (and can work with sandals, heels, or even rain boots!), great skinny jeans in the perfect length, cute rain boots, lip scrub plus lip gloss in an adorable macaron looking case, and sandals for showing off the post-winter pedicure when it *finally* stops pouring!

What are your spring essentials?

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