Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Memphis Nosh: Belly Acres

I've lived in Overton Square since I moved to Memphis in 2009. It was honestly in kind of a sad shape at that point, but watching it evolve and grow over the last 6 years has been amazing.

One of the best new additions to Overton Square has to be the amazing decor, food, and people at Belly Acres.

It's a cute place to get great food, which is exactly the kind of place OS needs!

The menu is huge, so I definitely haven't tried everything, but my friend Kyra and I went one day and I had to share the AMAZING food we got.

All of the options look good, but I think the "Build Your Own" option is the way to go - I mean, look at all the ways you can customize your burger!

I went with the grass-fed beef patty, sourdough bun, white cheddar cheese, tomato, red onion, pickles, and the "acre sauce" - sort of a spicy barbecue meets mustard meets heaven.

Belly Acres is an order at the counter place - there were quite a few people in front of my friend and I, so I took a couple of minutes to take some pics of the gorgeous and fun interior.

I mean...they have have a room that has a giant moon in it. 

I'm in.

The interior reminds me of one of my favorite TV shows of all time, Green Acres.

Except in super technicolor.

Eva Gabor = my BFF.

The inside is like a barn meets a farm meets Overton Square.

I especially love the huge panel that looks like a farm!

They even have a tractor!

Lots of cool exposed pipes, along with a great local social media presence!

Even the booths and seating area are bringing this idea of farm fresh food in the city - "Citified Farm Fresh" - in!

And I love the Memphis flair - when you order, you get a street name for your table.


Now it's time to talk about the food. 

The glorious, delicious, amazing food.

I actually have a little confession to make.

I'm in love.

With the milkshakes at Belly Acres.

They're amazing. 

And huge.

And so obviously handmade from quality ice cream and ingredients, and so delicious, and just...go get one. 

Go now.

So while I was slurping my shake, my burger showed up.

I didn't think I could love this much.

Kyra and I got a basket of fries to share. The fries are amazing, and there are a TON of them in the basket. We definitely didn't finish them!

My burger was perfectly cooked, and huge, and so good!

Basically, what I'm saying here is you need to go eat at Belly Acres.

And you need to take me with you.