Thursday, March 12, 2015

Memphis Style: Spring Style Trends

I *think* it might FINALLY be Spring in Memphis!

A couple of weeks ago it looked like this outside:

But it's started warming up, and it's still rainy, but I think it might actually be almost Spring!

And now I'm ready to dress like it's Spring - goodbye boots and coats, hello colors and skirts and pretty things!

Since I'm on a grad student budget, and because I love this bag, I'm sticking to my year old Fossil purse in mint:

But I think a few key, inexpensive pieces can really refresh a wardrobe for spring - especially after this unbearably long winter!

Basically all I want to wear are pastels. And pretty colors. And flowy tops and skirts and lots of chiffon and tulle and comfy things. 

Preferably while reading lots of romantic English novels and sitting in a window seat overlooking a green lawn with sheep and a babbling brook while I contemplate love and social calls and my lack of responsibilities.

But. Alas.

At least my clothes can be right, even if my dissertation and rainy Memphis and a lot of stuff to do (and a distinct lack of sheep) aren't quite up to my fantasy.

Spring Fashion

I'm LOVING kimonos this spring, just like I did last year. This floral print from Forever21 is affordable ($18) and will look great dressed up or down. The chiffon top from Maurices is going to be a staple, and that Victoria's Secret sweatshirt is lightweight, oversized, a pretty color, and great for running errands or snuggling up on chilly nights.

Coral is apparently really in this season, and these pants are a fun pop of color, especially for someone like me - I own a lot of grey and black, but these are instant happy.

And finally, because I basically want to dress like Cinderella, this Lauren Conrad for Kohl's skirt (on sale now for $48 - and you can get an extra 30% off with a new Kohl's card!) is going to be a nice dressy element. I'm thinking of wearing it pulled up high, with a black sweater tucked in - I'll post pics of how it turns out!

Anyone else lusting over new spring pieces on a budget?

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