Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Memphis Nosh: Mosa Asian Bistro

Anyone who has been following me on Instagram or Twitter lately (or read my "Friday Finds" post a couple of weeks ago!) knows that I've been having a problem. 

A delicious problem. 

I'm in love. With a restaurant. 

Seriously, I'm pretty sure a HIMYM intervention may be needed.

But I don't care. I LOVE Mosa. It took me ages to make it out there, but now that I have, I refuse to be stopped!

Not only does Mosa have some amazing food (think a fusion of Chinese, Americanized Chinese, Korean, Thai, and Japanese - as close to "pan-Asian" as I've had here) they also have a great story, some of the friendliest (and most helpful!) staff in Memphis who really love and are knowledgable about their food, and a great social media presence that makes me feel super welcome and excited about eating there. 

So I've been...3...times this month, and it's been great each time.

On my first visit, it was kind of an odd time of day (probably 3ish) so the place was pretty empty. I'm still not 100% sure how it works, but my general understanding is that at lunch/dinner it's order at the counter, and on weekends and at "off" times it's a host or hostess and a server. Anyway, this day I got a server who was fantastic. I was torn about what to order, but since it was a dreary, gross day, he suggested I try the Pad See U - wide noodles, garlic sauce, lots of veggies, and chicken. They do let you pick your heat level, and I went with medium, which was just perfect to be spicy and warm without feeling like I was going to die!

Amazing. Seriously one of the best meals I've ever had. 

The second trip I met my friend Catherine for lunch. One of the specials that day was the Pho Ton - my same server from the previous visit said that this was something the kitchen had been making for the staff for a long time, but that they had just added to the menu. It was an order at the counter day/time, but he was still unbelievably helpful and nice!

This one had beef, lime, and sides of hoisin and sriracha. So good - I prefer the wider noodles but this was such a comforting and flavorful soup!

The third time, I went on a Saturday, so I got seated by a hostess - different server this time but still so great. Seriously, I don't think I've ever gotten this consistently good service in Memphis!

This time I decided I needed an appetizer too. I mean...for research...

The hot & sour wontons sounded good, and they did not disappoint: "marinated pork and shrimp in wonton wrap, steamed and tossed in spicy garlic sauce."

This was WAY too much to eat all on my own. 

But I like a challenge, so I ate all but one. With an entree on the way! That's how good they were.

For my entree I wavered a bit, but had to go for the Pad See U again.

Hello Lover.

As I was finishing up, I thought "ugh, and I still have to go to the grocery store to get some food and I don't have time to go tomorrow and I just...no..." 

And then I had a brilliant thought.

So I ordered some Sriracha wings to go.

Some of the best wings I've ever tried - they came naked-ish (crispy spicy skin) with the Sriracha sauce on the side. At 10 o'clock last night while I was watching "The Wicker Man" these were a nice treat with my Diet Coke!

All that food, and this was my bill!

Y'all know I love a bargain. And $22 for an appetizer, lunch, and dinner is a deal. 

Plus I had all this leftover!

So technically, lunch, TWO dinners, and an appetizer! The servings are huge!

Plus, my server didn't even care that I stayed about 20 minutes after I was done to finish my book - he said "You look like you're close to done, you should stay and finish!"

I cannot recommend Mosa enough. Everyone who works there is just so nice and helpful and seems to be really happy with their job AND the food. When people tell me they like the food at the place they work, and it doesn't seem fake, I know it's good (I was a server for a long time - I've lied about how good food was so. many. times.). Plus, the prices are reasonable, the food is amazing, the location is good (White Station between Park and Poplar), and I will go to lunch with you there anytime. :)

Check them out! 

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