Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Memphis Style: Fall Fashion

Anyone who knows me (especially those unfortunate few who have seen my closet) knows that I have a...problem...with clothes. 

I have too damn many of them. 

And too many purses.

And shoes.

And jewelry. 

So even though the seasons are about to (hopefully) change here in Memphis (please please please let it get cooler soon), I'm trying not to buy a bunch of "fall" stuff.

But I still want to look fashionable and have fun with my clothes!

Here is one of my favorite fall looks, including all but two pieces I already own:

Fall Style

I have a long tan boyfriend cardigan like this, several pairs of these American Eagle jeggings (like stretchy skinny jeans - good for those of us with little butts and giant calves!), my very favorite boots of all time, that fantastic San Lucido printed purse from Francesca's (which I have gotten compliments on every day I've had it), and that cute arrow bangle (I got it from The Attic here in Memphis). 

I have a ton of little gold necklaces (I'm more of a gold wearer in the fall) but I think this is gorgeous! Anyone wanna get it for me! :)

The one piece I would like here is the sleeveless top from Maurices. What a great layering piece! Especially when I'm at school, it's super hot inside while being chilly outside, so a cute top that could stand on its own while I'm working in my office would be fantastic.

Is anyone else embarking on the "Stop buying so many clothes and start wearing what you have you dummy!" fall challenge?

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